Snapfish read my blog {and wants to be friends}

Last week I went on a little bit of a rant.  I was just a wee bit upset about my Christmas Card Disaster of 2013.  I admitted that getting someone else's Christmas cards did qualify as a "first world" problem, but last Tuesday it was the most pressing and stressful problem in my holiday life.

Turns out, someone (possibly one of you), sent Snapfish my blog post.  Maybe they sent it as a tweet, maybe in an email to their customer service, but some how, it made its way into the hands of it's Chief Customer Advocate.  I'm not even making this up!

Imagine my surprise on Thursday when I opened my email to see a message from Snapfish with the title, "Sorry from Snapfish".  First off, this email was sent less than 12 hours after my post published at 2:30 am pacific time.  Second, this is a major corporation, do they really have time to troll around on Twitter?  Do they even read feedback sent to them?  Turns out that they do.  Let me just say that I did go around for a few minutes talking to the Hubbs about the power of the Internet.  Bloggers Unite! I was on a tangent like no other, until he stopped me and said that I still spend way too much time on Instagram.  I guess he had a point since I was Instagramming the email, while I was on my Bloggers Unite soapbox.  But seriously, Bloggers UNITE!

Their Customer Advocate was really apologetic, she apologized for the mix up with my order and she also apologized for my bad experience with their online chat.  Then she brought in the big guns...
Not only did they refund my money, but as the email was sent, they were reprinting my cards and sending them overnight.  Even if I had reservations about reordering with them, they gave me no choice but to accept.  In addition to that they offered me some codes for complimentary canvas prints to give them a second chance.  Well since they asked, I'm happy to give them another chance.

Now for the redemption, and the reason I wanted to write another post about Snapfish:  The Customer Advocate asked for any information from the invoice to offer the same to Ms. Becker, who must have also gotten the wrong order.  I was so happy to oblige, because I knew somewhere in the country Ms. Becker was upset much in the same way I was.  So I'm hoping that the information I provided, helped get Ms. Becker a similar apology package from Snapfish.
They were on my door step Friday afternoon!

I realize that writing a nasty blog post about shitty customer service and a messed up order may not be the best way to go about things.  I was Instagram checked by one of my small biz friends, because her customers do this to her too.  They send nasty emails, trash her business on Twitter and Facebook, and are unpleasant all the way around.  She's right.  Everyone, even corporations, make mistakes.  So it's possible that my rant was a little off the rails, and perhaps if I would have waited until morning to actually call Snapfish's customer service, I may have gotten this sweet deal from the get go.

But if you have been reading this blog for awhile you know that I'm not patient, and I rarely wait for anything.  You know that I have a temper, I'm emotional, and an over reactor.  You know that nothing in my life is sacred, especially first world problems.  

So I'm going to give Snapfish a second chance after the holidays.  Bring in 2014 with some nice swag, and hopefully not end up with canvas prints of someone else's kid.

PS:  My friend Veronica over at Good Luck Charm Designs
hammered out this card in no time flat.
That was before I knew Snapfish was bringing their A game.
Here is the completed card per my request.
She does amazing work for invites and cards for any occasion.
Check out her Facebook Page for more info!


  1. Your family is crazy adorable. Just saying. I love both versions of your Christmas cards! And I'm glad that a big corporation like Snapfish is showing that they do care about the people that keep them going. :)

  2. I'm glad it got resolved!! I might think twice about ranting about a business again on Twitter... I have that habit.