Wore {December 2013}

This is probably my most obnoxious post of 2013, but I feel like I deserve a post dedicated to all the times I actually got dressed this month.  I'm not going to lie to you, most days I would live in yoga pants and sweatshirts.  But December begs for fancy dress, it just puts you in a festive mood.  I'm excited about the new pieces that made it into my wardrobe this season, thanks to a nice giveaway win from KikiLaRue.  I'm also happy that many of the things I wore were shopped right out of my own closet.  If you follow on Instagram then a lot of these are repeats, but if you were looking for details, here they are.  Also it seems that the buzz word for 2013 was #selfie.  I'm pretty sure it's going to continue to be a buzz word in 2014.  The selfie, the outfit of the day, the what I wore, they shall live on, as long as bloggers have their phones, their Starbucks and enough filters to hide the flaws.  What did you wear this month?  

Maroon skinnies from Target, scarf from H&M, Boots from Kohl's, Grey sweater from JC Penny, all from my closet, just sitting there all sad that I never bother to get dressed.  Then I added my favorite cardi from KikiLaRue.  Magic happened here.  It's amazing what a new piece can do for some old standbys.

Me and my best gal in matching shirts.  I'll be honest, these are from the girls department.  Have I ever mentioned that I'm 5'1"?  Well I am, so there.  It was fun to dress alike for a day.  She was so happy she couldn't stop smiling!  Also can you spy the soccer mom vest?  Sometimes I moonlight as a vest wearer.  I'm only half sorry about that.

I wore Diva Skinnies from Old Navy and my KLR Essentials top to Mac's school Christmas program.  The cardi is as old as Caitlin, and that scarf was bought for family pictures last year and then left for dead.  I think it made this outfit go together quite nicely.  Later I swapped out the Diva Skinnies for leggings and it was way more comfy.  That essentials top is to die for.  It's the softest thing you will ever put on your body!!

Two years ago if you would have suggested that I wear patterned denim I would have laughed at you.  Straight up in your face.  Then I started following real fashion bloggers on Instagram that made patterned denim look good.  Polka Dot skinnies are a conservative choice in bloggy land, but they are the right choice for me.  These ones were scored at Target for 12 BUCKS.  That was in August, so sorry if you want a pair for yourself.  Which you may not since I think they are now on the "out" list.  Proving to you the kind of fashion blogger I am.  The magical and amazing Christmas scarf is from She Does Justice who I found on Instagram.  I snagged this the day it went on sale.  It's an infinity and I got so many compliments I can't wait to start wearing it again the day after Halloween 2014... For serious people.  Also let's talk about that red sweater I'm wearing.  It's maternity from when I was preggo with Caitlin.  I'm wearing it anyway.  Mostly because it's so darn soft and cozy, and also because it cost $65.00 in 2006 at Motherhood.  Getting my money's worth.

Patterned Aztec Leggings from Kohl's and an over sized Sweatshirt thing from Target.  The uniform if I can so call it.  It's comfy and functional and it doesn't look like pajamas.  Although I did get the idea from Redbook's spread on pajamas.  Sweater boots from Old Navy that are knock off Uggs.  Those are also a few years old.  Still wearing this in January, so don't be surprised if you see it on Instagram.

I wore this the day after Thanksgiving with dirty hair and yoga pants.  I will confess that I will never wear this combo again as the Bulldogs lost to San Jose and crushed out Fiesta Bowl Dreams.  If I would have work my jeans, 2013 Bulldog shirt and my rally Toms, that would have never happened.  Sorry expensive Nike shirt, it's curtains for you.

This is my Lenore infinity scarf from KikiLaRue.  Here is what you need to know about it:  it's incredibly soft, you can wear it so many ways including like a shawl, it's the happiest color around.  Paired with Sunglasses you can't tell that I didn't wash my face or comb my hair.  It's a magic scarf I tell you, and since it's not a "Christmas color" I can totally wear it well into February.  I say February because Fresno heats up about then!

I bought that Christmas sweater from Aeropostale two years ago January.  It was six bucks.  I swear I wouldn't make that up!  It's my favorite.  Since I only wear it once or twice during the year, it's like new every time I put it on.  The black buffalo check is from Old Navy this year and my new favorite.  Jeggings courtesy of Aeropostale this year, and listen up shorties like me they have them in short.  Boots from Kohl's last year.  Can it be Christmas every day so I can wear this every day?

Friar Tuck curls that finally look amazing at eight o'clock at night.
My Instapeeps know this to be my bullshit hair.

I love this scarf that I bought at Old Navy two years ago.  It's huge and can wrap around my neck three times.  And that's the only way I wear it because I can't seem to follow any other scarf tying tutorial on Pinterest.  

This is operation wear all of the things before Christmas.  Gold sweater 2 years old from Target.  Red Polka dot scarf from Old Navy (see above photo), Leopard Flats from Kohl's forever ago, and Aeropostale skinnies.  It's mild in Fresno in December so I could wear this without boots or a jacket for a few hours in the afternoon.  I know, I know, most of you are covered in snow.   Sorry.

This is going to be a new favorite outfit of mine.  Buffalo check shirt from Old Navy again, Aero skinnies again, Rally Toms, Polka Scarf again.  Also there is my Christmas handbag from the Gap collection 2008, I don't feel bad about that.  Here I am looking into the dirtiest mirror in America (finally not mine), browsing while The Hubbs takes the kids around Target to buy me Christmas gifts.  The first thing I did was find a mirror to click a selfie (self obsessed much?).  Then I saw the beatlejuice dress and got intimidated, and also an overwhelming urge to twerk.

Here is the truth about me.  I will happily post the outfit of the day, but reality is I'm usually in sweats and leggings.  This was the perfect example of what Absolute Mommy looks like on a day to day basis.  Sometimes I'm only "dressed" for a few hours.  Then I come home and relax.  So don't think I'm a fashion blogger at any point in time.  Well, you probably have already figured this out with my dirty mirrors and horrible lighting.

For the record, I'm pretty excited about playing fashionista all month.  Dirty mirrors, Aztec cardi, bullshit hair, and all.  Thanks December for making me get "dressed".


  1. I do have to say that December was a particular good looking month for you. I noticed the extra Insta-selfies and I must say girl you are looking good. I wish I took a little extra time to dress myself up a little more often. I also wish I had a little more self-confidence to take WIW selfies except just about everything I wear comes from either Catos or Walmart. I refuse to buy myself nicer clothes until I take off more of this baby weight. I did figure out that Walmart clothes really aren't all that bad. I'm always getting compliments on my 10 dollar shirts.

  2. I am exactly the same way! I wear clothes when I leave the home (school drop offs, playgroup, etc…), but when I am home it is straight into sweatpants! I swear, I had real pants on for an hour at home the other day before I figured it out and dove straight into leggings:)

  3. So cute!! I love that yellow scarf!! I blogged about "selfies" today! lol
    Happy holidays, friend!

  4. Loved seeing all your outfit pictures on Instagram! I finally own a Lenore scarf & btw you are short! Lol. xoxo