Two Days before Christmas {Life Lately}

Two days before Christmas and all through my blog,
Instagram photos you've seen in your IG feed that I clog.

A Kiki La Rue scarf all cozy and warm.
Posted without a stitch of make up because that's my norm.

Picture perfect children playing nicely under the tree,
until they both want the girl reindeer and their fighting killed all the glee.

Sweet surprises from sweet shop owner friends,
I'm not lying when I say I don't want this season to end.

Christmas parties spent with people my own age,
and an ugly sweater, since they are all the rage.

Santa came early this year and brought me the best gift,
these two hotties on SNL while I drooled, and left the Hubbs feeling miffed.

Duck face mom and daughter because it felt so right.
Mom Blogger and baby girl, oh what a sight.

Holiday style and attitude to boot,
not matter what, she is always too cute.

Two girls, two recitals, you don't have to say it.
In ten years they'll be giving their Daddy one hell of a fit.

Bullshit hair at eight o'clock at night.
Are you effing kidding me it just ain't right.

Christmas pjs, plus cookie decorating on the last day of school.
Didn't you know being three is so cool?

Night shopping with my mama, I love her with my whole heart.
And after all these years we got Christmas shopping down to an art.

Random acts of kindness on a random December day.
Red cups of hot chocolate for parent helpers can go a long way!

Mac declared last Wednesday Red Day for those in the know.
Here she is all dressed with no where to go!

Caitlin decided to wear a fancy dress to her party at school,
I agreed, and let go of every (made up in my mind) school fashion rule.

A moment of peace by our lovely tree,
don't worry it didn't last since Mac had to pee.

Reprinted books that remind me of Christmas' past.
Savor every moment, this season is over so fast.

That's it, it's all I got, with two days to go.
Enjoy every second, on your days a bright bow.
This is the end, this is all I could write.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.