Hold on to your red cup {coffee date}

Old pic but it's a red cup kind of date.
It's been awhile since a coffee date.
I think it's time we have a chat.
But let's meet at Starbucks, because my house is a mess.
My bathroom looks like my kids had a pool party.
My living room is covered in Oreo crumbs and Littlest Pet Shops.
Laundry baskets line the wall in the kitchen.
So Starbucks it is, hold on to your red cup.
This week started off with Veteran's Day.
Which meant Caitlin was home from school.
It was fine, we hung out, we went to Costco.
It seemed like we were on the right track.
Then the hubbs got some news at work.
Not really bad, but not so great either.
This is a time to be thankful for opportunities.
It's hard when you're not sure they are the right ones.
So I have decided to do something that I rarely do...
I'm handing it over to Jesus.
This is not a joke, I'm seriously handing it over.
I'm going to pray about it, and try to have faith in what lies ahead.
I'm no longer in control.
The longer I try to stay in control the crazier I get.
So I'm handing it over.
Wednesday the school called 20 minutes into the day.
Caitlin was crying and not feeling well.
This is another Mommy fail.
She didn't feel well when I dropped her off.
But she didn't have a fever so I told her to tough it out.
My mama instinct said otherwise, but...
I picked her up in the nurses office where she was laying down,
with a blanket.
And she looked like the smallest kindergartner in the world!
Just when I thought we were home free...
My car wouldn't start.
Yup, in the roundabout, kids in car seats, battery dead.
Thank God the hubbs was still in Fresno.
My mom met me and got the kids.
Sadly I was more worried about my hair appointment to cover my grays.
Perspective, I needed a slice.
Yesterday I took Caitlin to the doctor.
I bought her a peppermint brownie cake pop from Starbucks.
Because going to the doctor is hard, right?
She then had to get $75 worth of inhalers.
I also made crock pot soup for dinner.
Thank God for the crock pot.
The best part was even Caitlin had some.
That's was a first!
Looking forward, this gal is taking our family pictures on Saturday.
Rain or shine.
Hear that mother nature?
I also get to knock something off my bucket list.
Making tamales with my Grandma.
Since Caitlin is still sick, and had a not so fun reaction to her antibiotics,
we are home today.
The three of us girls.
Just like the old days before kindergarten.
Before volunteering.
Before I became a room mothers.
This calls for a small celebration.
Like cookies for breakfast.
And since I have completely manipulated this conversation,
let me make it up to you by buying you another coffee, and perhaps a cake pop.
What's new with you?
I didn't do a vlog, but I'm linking up anyway.


  1. boo! to a crappy week. i hope your babe is feeling better soon. BUT, yay! for family portraits. can't wait to see them!

  2. I am sorry. :( Any one of those things is tough but add them all together... ick! I am jealous of homemade tamales, however. I have always wanted to learn how to make them. :)

  3. Poor sick baby :( Nothing new here. It's been cold. I don't like that!

  4. I hope you enjoy getting a snuggly day at home with your 2 best girls! And I really hope that everything sorts itself out in your life just the way it's supposed to be.

  5. Hope she feels better! Atleast its Thanksgiving break now! Enjoy your days off of school stuff

  6. I am so sorry you are having a bad week love! I hope this weekend is much better for you!

  7. Aw, I hope she feels better Megan! We have all been sick over here too - it totally drains the days.I'll pray things get better and for your hubby's job stuff too. You're doing a good job mama! xo

  8. Cookies for breakfast..I like it..here's to a better week lady!

  9. So cool that Laura is taking your photos! Can't wait to see them!