I'm the mother who... {part 2}

I wrote a post like this a few months ago.
It was a little more serious.
Today is the lighter side.
Because motherhood requires humor as much as it does patience.
Here are a few things to add to my "mother who..." list.
I'm the mother who:
Found grey hairs in her side pony.
I wore a side pony for Halloween.
I thought it was totally cute, in a Pinterest/DIY kind of way.
Until I had a closer look at the actual pony.
Look, I know I have grey hair.
I need to get my roots done every 4 weeks.
But I had no idea that some of those buggers had got away from me.
Maybe I'm a little too old (and grey) for a side pony.
Has been calling cake mixes vintage.
Hear me out.
Everyone is making cakes from scratch these days.
Which is awesome, and thanks to Pinterest we can too.
Recently I have seen some pictures on Instagram where mom bloggers
are calling their cupcakes "cheaters" as they were made from a mix.
A bowl, a mixer, eggs, a cupcake pan, and the oven were all involved.
This equals baking in my book.
Also let's talk about the fact that June Cleaver and
Carol Brady indeed used mixes.
They were all the rage in the 50s and 60s.
Cake mixes were status symbols much like TV dinners and
McDonald's hamburgers.
See ladies, it's very vintage.
Has a toddler who thinks the sequence of numbers goes like this:
One, Two, NOW!
Don't judge me.
I'm a counter.
Let her 5 year old and 2 year old coinstar all the change
we've been collecting in the house.
My 5 year old got $36.22 and my 2 year old got $32.78.
Then I let them both shop with reckless abandon at Target.
Yes, I let them spend over $60 on themselves at Target.
I have to tell you it was a blast.
Caitlin (5) got a Barbie and Swifty's new CD, RED.
Mac got a stuffed Frog, a hippo Christmas ornament, and
the boxed set of Madagascar.
They were happy and I'm happy.
I just love Afro Circus.
Is ready to Christmas shop only for fear that Lalaloopsies will sell out again.
They did last year.
It was quite the disaster.
Who knew they were the thing.
Why are they still a thing?
Is staying up late to write this random post.
That you will read Tuesday.
Why can't I be this organized in other aspects of my life?
I'm the mother who...
Are you?


  1. i love this!

    such a fun post :)

    I'm the mom who takes pictures before I stop my son from doing crazy things. :P

  2. These are great! You are never too young to understand the joys of shopping with reckless abandon LOL...good for you!
    As for me, I'm the mother who breastfed my babies when they were hungry...if it was in the toy section of Walmart, so be it! I just took the liberty of assuming that seeing a baby nurse for a split second as they walked by would outweigh the inconvenience of the entire store having to listen to a hungry baby scream while I walked across the store, checked out, and made my way out to the van.
    I'm done nursing any babies now, but it never seemed to bother anyone too badly!

  3. I like that you call cake mixes vintage.

    you're right!! There's still a lot of effort in using them. Plus- they are cheaper then buying all the individual ingredients

  4. I am as well. Now reader and loving your blog. You need to go get the lala loopsie now! Dont be crazy girl!

    I did the coinstar this summer, with my two older girls and then took them to shop, its a great memory!

    And Cake mix... is the way to go. All the time.

  5. Lol yeah my cousin was all I WANT THAT *points to Lalaloopsy* and I was like "You don't even know who that is." Well turns out >>I<< didn't know who it was haha. She was like thats Lalaloopsy! Then I went to get her one (the black one) and ALL the dolls were sold out except one not AA one. This year they have the lalaloopsy doll house on clearance at Walmart....but CLEARANCE price is almost $40. Negative. =/ Speaking of which...are they just random dolls or are they based off a show or something? They are very cute little dolls though!

  6. I am the mother who lets her baby eat her dinner leavings off the floor because, bygawd, at least she was EATING the peas.

  7. This is hilarious! Thanks for releasing me from the guilt of using a mix. Once less thing to feel bad about. :)

  8. Love this post. Very brave to let them have at it in Target! I wish my husband would let me do the same thing ;)

  9. Damn those gray hairs! They are totally taking over in our household too!! I love the vintage reference! Agreed Megs, agreed!! And HOW FUN are you to let them go wild at Target! Awesome!!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  10. Ha I found a gray hair this weekend ... nasty little buggers

  11. I don't think I have ever made a cake from scratch. It's just too easy using a mix and I know it will turn out. :) I love the idea of using coinstar and letting the kids shop. Hmm... they have an awful lot of change in their piggy banks! I may have to do this sometime soon. oh, and don't even get me started on gray hair. I have given up. They just seem to keep multiplying. I am only 27!

  12. Aw, I love that you let your girls go shopping with the money you found. I bet they were super happy with their purchases!

  13. love this post! this would make a great link up!