One funny on Friday

How do they know?

I got such a great response when I posted some Friday Funnies, 
that I plan on doing it again.
But not today.
This week, has been one for the book 
(as in the one I'm going to write one day).

Mac is still sick, now we've got antibiotics,
so let's say a prayer that she's on the mend.

Today is my all day volunteer in the class room day.
Not much blogging gets done on Fridays anymore.

Please enjoy this one Friday Funny, 
with the promise of more to come.
If you can't wait visit my LMAO board, your welcome in advance.

There is always the opportunity to sponsor me, 
so check out my sponsor page above.
We like to have fun around here, and my ads are cheap.

Have a great weekend, and I hope that I have 
something for you all to read by Monday.


  1. LOL, that's awesome! We are finally getting Target in Canada in the next few months...I doubt it will come near my tiny town, but maybe!
    I'll have to go check out your LMAO board....I have one titled "The one with all the haha", and it is by far, my most pinned to board!

  2. Bahaha! I needed a good eCard laugh today, Megan! Thanks :) Visiting from Lena's giveaway!