Caitlin Turned six {on Instagram obviously}

I wouldn't be a blogger if I didn't create a hashtag for Caitlin's 6th birthday.
It's what we bloggers do, right?
Here is the story of how we celebrate birthdays for an entire week, 
instead of just one day.

Tuesday was her actual birthday.
Of course to start our day, we had a cinnamon roll cake.
Ok, it was just cinnamon rolls in a Pyrex with candles.
We sang, Happy Birthday therefore making it a cake.

I had to prove to myself that I didn't need a special pan to make a doll cake.
Or a doll coming out of a cake.
The cake part is supposed to look like a skirt.
It kind of does...?

When asked, the birthday girl wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.
Yeah, she's six going on sixteen.
It was a nice lunch with a special tiny sundae at the end.
They did not sing, as requested by the birthday girl.
It's her party she can cry if she wants to.

Before the day was through we had pierced ears.
Daddy was not really on board, but he gave his reluctant ok.
I was over the moon about the Hello Kitty piercing earrings.
Where were these when I was six???
She was so brave and only cried a little.
And showing just how responsible she is, she reminds me to 
clean them the required three times a day.
Because you know, mommy forgets.

Saturday was her party.
We went back to the Jungle Party house and thank goodness we did.
It was 108 outside and there were 15 kiddos running 
like chickens with their heads cut.
The majority of those kiddos were boys.
Much to Daddy's dismay.
I swear we invited all the girls in class, 
but they were no shows.
The boys had fun.
And the gifts from said boys were out of control.
A bracelet and glasses (used 3ds) from one in a
specially decorated brown paper lunch bag.
A homemade card with headbands.
A store bought card signed and decorated with hearts.
A water gun with love.
We are in for some serious trouble in just a few years 
if this is a glimpse at the future!!

Also lessons learned last Saturday.
Walmart makes excellent cakes.
Store bought cakes save lives.
Having a party somewhere other than your house 
is the answer to all your prayers.
Having said party at 4 in the afternoon is a blessing, 
even though you think it's a curse.
You have the whole day to lay around, or 
procrastinate depending on who you are (me?).

Caitlin with her two friends from class.
Jacob on the left and William on the right.
Both equally smitten with her.
How will she decide?

We celebrated all week.
It's a Hernandez thing.
And my gal was so happy with how six turned out!

Happy Birthday Sweets, and many more!


  1. Aw, so sweet! Yay for not having a party at home. We've got to do that soon. I'm sick of the messes. haha. We celebrate all week as well, no other way to do it. Hope she chooses wisely. Both boys look precious. ;) Can these babies stop growing up already? Please!

  2. Awwwww Happy Birthday to you and your sweet lady!

  3. How cute is she not! No wonder the boys are all over her :) Glad she had a super birthday week!

  4. What a fun birthday! To be 6 again, right?