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It's a royal bouncing baby boy!  Ah, rejoice America.  Something to take the attention away from South East, or West South, or whatever ridiculous name bestowed on so called American Royalty.  It's a HRH The Prince of Cambridge.  And I'm more excited than I thought I'd be.  Let's get real here, babies are exciting.  Royal babies send normal, level headed, could care less unless it's about True Blood me into hysterics.  I stalked the news all morning Tuesday, for perhaps a glimpse of our little HRH.  And to my surprise I hit it at just the right time to see the interview to end all interviews.  

Friends, Twitter was afire.  The anchors on CNN, ABC, and NBC were a flutter.  It's a Prince.  Carried by a beautiful commoner and then in the arms of his father, another beautiful prince.  I'm old enough to remember when Charles and Diana got hitched.  I remember my Grandma parked in front of the TV.  I remember the dress, the carriage, the palace.  I also remember the birth of both princes.  So this was just one step further in admitting that I love events like this.

Here is what absolutely blew my mind, Princess Kate.  She looked stunning.  Sure she had her hair dresser show up at the hospital, she's a damn princess for crying out loud.  And yes, she was wearing make up, and smiling a delicious smile of joy only a first time mother can have!  Stunning I tell you.  But wait it gets better, she still looked pregnant.  I know what you are thinking, but seriously, this is what a post delivery body looks like.  It looks like the baby is still in there.  That's real life friends.  That's what you are supposed to look like.  Not photo shopped in People Magazine.  Blissfully on the cover, with her baby in pastel lit room, while pillows and maxi dresses, and a baby covers her problems areas.  This is what keeping it real looks like.  There was no mega diet, mega juice fast, hours clocked at the gym.  She just pushed out a human, a royal one at that, then got up and rocked her first interview.  Has anyone even seen Kim K?  Yeah, Kim K who?  
Because she is too busy on a juice fast I would gather.

And I'm loving every moment of it!  Also I'm loving the Prince himself, who took that baby from Kate like a champ.  Who admitted his son has a set of lungs on him.  Kate has said the Prince has already changed some nappies (those are diapers to us Americans).  I also just about fell out of my chair when the Prince brought out the baby in the infant car seat and then proceeded to drive away.  He drove people!  Even the British correspondent had his panties in a bunch.  Royals, I take it, do not drive.  How novel!

So for the moment Kate is my mommy crush.  I know she will do us mamas proud by sporting her usual off the rack wardrobe, and possibly a top knot with 3 day old hair.  It's been reported that they are employing no nannies, so is it possible that we will see her baby wearing HRH?  I mean really!  Pushing a pram to the store for diapers?  Get out!  Can you even imagine if she breast feeds publicly?  It's insane the trends this woman is going to inspire, across the pond, but also here where we are quite royally obsessed!  Do you think she is just going to go to the local park and let HRH have a play date?  With no nannies do you think the royal couple will bicker and fight about real parent problems?  How awesome would those fights be?  "I don't care if you are next in line for King, change that shitty nappy!!", "I'm a Princess that just grew you a human, a royal one at that, let me sleep!".  OK, I'm just fantasizing here, but seriously, how cool would it be to say that?

I'm excited to see how this newest royal edition is going to grow up.  I'm looking forward to see how Kate enjoys motherhood, how she tackles motherhood, and of course what she wears while doing it.  I'm also curious to know what they will name the newest HRH.  I've heard that George, Phillip, and Albert are at the top of the list.  
However, Albus Severus is really catchy.


  1. Confession: I cried when they came out with the baby. My best friend texted me at the same time "who cares about this royal baby" and I'm over there crying. Of course, I was like "who cares". Yeah I have been forcing my baby to watch CNN for 2 days and only turn it to Sprout during commercials. I was very happy to see her baby bump!

    1. I totally get that! I was all overwhelemed and excited too and my Brit friends were like, Meh. LOL

    2. Seriously your Brit friends were just "meh"? It must be like spotting a Kardashian! Lmao!!

  2. I love her. I stalked the live feed for 6 hours, no joke, for those doors to open. It was beautiful! I loved her belly (even though my husband was confused as to why she still looked pregnant... someone forgot how I looked after a baby I guess...), I loved that he drove, I love how comfy and happy they looked. Looooove.

    Now I need to know his name!!

  3. I absolutely love how she was not ashamed to show her body right after having a baby! She is amazing & a great role model!!