Summer Sunday Nights

For whatever reasons, Sunday nights never go as planned.
And by planned, I mean that my kids are never in bed in time for me to watch True Blood.  
I know priorities, right?

Sunday was no different really.
Piles of laundry waiting.
Evening family walk in the neighborhood to calm the crazies.
And a little 3 year old who decided that 7:30 pm was a totally appropriate time for a nap.
She woke up twice only to fall right back asleep.
My oldest watched Teen Beach Movie (again) with Dad, and I had the TV to myself.
With both kids in bed, I watched some of my favorite vamps draw blood!
Then since I was on a roll, I watched a new favorite, Newsroom.
And it was quiet and blissful and I talked to the TV like I usually do.

Then about 11:15 I heard a little voice.
"Mommy, where did you go?  Can I have a peanut butter sandwich?"
So it was then that I surrendered to it.
"It" being the long night ahead of me.
Of course you can have a PB&J.
And let's get some water and watch Sprout in the dark.
Like a midnight picnic.
And it was.
I think she finally dozed at 12:30 am.
And I slept in her bed with her.

Because these nights will only exist for so long.
Summer is almost over.
And normally I would have been angry and put out.
Another "all nighter", oh the humanity.
But for whatever reason, not this Sunday.

This Sunday was perfect for a quiet moment for mom.
PB & J kisses with a gal who is growing all to quick.
A midnight picnic in bed, that left crumbs everywhere.
And a cartoon marathon.

Summer Sundays can sometimes surprise you.


  1. I apparently need to start watching true blood, that's the vamps you are referring to right? I've heard a lot about that show! Those long nights can be brutal. As I type this my 5 year old is sitting next to me playing a game on the phone. Even though your Sunday night didn't go as planned, it sounds like it was a good one. :)

  2. My 12 year old is has watched Teen Beach movie too many times all ready. Is it me or is just really bad?