Hello July

Hello July
I'm so happy to see you.
I'm looking forward to mornings in our pjs.
Donuts for breakfast.
Late summer nights.
Now about those over 110 degree temps...

Hello bucket list
I've made it easy.
I've made it fun.
I've made it impossible to ignore.

Hello Red dress
I can't wait to take you to Vegas.
I can't wait to dance well into the night with you.
I can't wait to look fancy and feel great.
Thanks for being half priced.

Hello Yellow Dress
Goodbye yellow dress.
You are gorgeous and lovely, but alas
too sweet for Las Vegas.
I will miss you.

Hello regret
I should have bought the yellow dress.

Hello Walmart cakes
Why  would I ever bake again?
Seriously $4.98 for a dozen cupcakes.
Not only did you save my life, 
but you made one little gal so happy!!
Yes, a Walmart cake!
How awesome is this?

Hello donuts for breakfast
You are a thing.
A thing to repeat this summer for days on end.
You make me happy.

Hello happily frosted and sprinkled cupcakes
Forget what I said about Walmart cakes.
You make me so happy and satisfied.

Hello Dog Days of Summer
Days over 110 degrees.
Days of driving all over town for Target stops 
and doctor visits.
Days of no make up and dirty hair selfies 
that are artfully hidden in cell phone 
pic angles and Instagram filters.
Days made for refreshing drinks with green straws.
Days that start with donuts and end with ice cream.

Hello July.
Hello Summer.
We've been waiting for you!

Inspired by Lisa Leonard
and her link up, Hello Monday.


  1. hello lady! happy summer. it sounds like you have some great ideas for keeping you and the girls busy this summer. i will not miss those crazy hot days. looking forward to more pics of you and your dirty hair. ;)

  2. Now that's my kind of bucket list!!!

  3. That yellow dress is absolutely ADORABLE! I love!

  4. This post is just filled with happiness! I will live July through you, since my July is filled with packing boxes, unpacking boxes, and late-night/early-morning-baby-feeding-wake-ups!