Merica {happy 4th}

Happy 4th of July!
Today is the day for food, family, and fireworks!

It's also the day to celebrate all the great things about being an American.

Like the ability to laugh and make fun of ourselves.

Here are some 4th of July Funnies

I'm glad my ancestors killed enough British soldiers so that I get an extra day off work to eat cheap hot dogs.
source via Pinterest
Apparently we are not eating enough hot dogs.  Their popularity is on the decline.
So be sure to celebrate freedom, colonization, and taxes with a foot long
covered in mustard!

T-Shirt - Merica's Away Colors (Green)
source via Pinterest
I think this is the most genius shirt in the world.
Let's wear it every time we go abroad!

source via Pinterest
Obviously America's hairstyle of choice!

Hahahahahaha 'Merica, fuck yeah <3
source via Pinterest
American pick up lines.

Funny July 4th Tee (Merica Running World Since 1776)
source via Pinterest
For reals.
And I just love saying 'Merica!

Happy Birthday America!  
And to celebrate I'm making this fatty, fatty, 'merica the beautiful,
Pinterest dessert!

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake-took me 10 minutes to find it because I didn't pin it when I first saw it.
source via Pinterest
Recipe HERE
That would be ice cream sandwiches covered in cool whip, caramel, and peanut 
butter cups.  Then covered in more sandwiches, more cool whip, caramel and 
peanut buttercups. 



  1. OMG I used to make the best ice cream cake out of ice cream sandwiches and cool whip. I'm sure I found it on Pinterest. I hope you had a fantastic Fourth!

  2. Ugh that dessert looks fantastic! Also, I want that Camo shirt. AWESOME.