When Mom and Dad runaway {San Francisco}

Sometimes when mommies and daddies really love each other, 
they do this unthinkable act.

They runaway from home.

And while it may just be for a little over 24 hours, 
it's just what the marriage counselor ordered.

Crossing the Bay Bridge is so much fun.
Especially when it's clear and the traffic is light.
Of course every time we are on it, The Hubbs likes to bring up
that a portioned collapsed in '89 during an earthquake.

As much as I love Instagram, the Hubbs hates it.
This is me trying to get a smile out of him.
The direct quote of this picture is,
"Cheese, muthafuckah".
We like to keep it spicy around here.

Yes, I did Instagram the Hubbs food.
Because I had to order a cobb salad and so I said,
"This is what I'd order if I could eat whatever".
This is the "Freak", named after Tim Lincecum, 
who incidentally just threw a no hitter.
It's a hot dog bun, filled with mac and cheese, 
topped with a hot dog, topped with bacon,
tomatoes, onions, and goodness.
Served with tater tots and cheese dipping sauce.
According to the Hubbs, it's a delicious heart attack.

I had to take the obligatory photo of the park.
It's just a must.
Plus we were waiting in line with time to kill.

Again, the Hubbs is over my overgramming.
Oh, Hubbs, I was just getting started.

This is the new social media cafe at AT&T Park.
So I had to go and get my picture #scutaroing.
Then I made sure to tag the Giants, the ball park, and use the games
offical hashtag.
What a blogger, am I right?

It was a beautiful day for baseball.
Warm and clear.
You could see all the boats in McCovey Cove.
Everything you want for a day at the ball park!

Now I know I was with the Hubbs for some time away.
I know that the focus should have been on him, 
but then they called in this guy.
Oh, you don't know Romo.
Let's talk about "saving".
Also, what you miss when you watch the game on TV, is
The entire ball park was on their feet.
And I danced my ass off!

This was by the Hubbs request.
Taken with his work iPhone.
I had to show him the reverse camera.
Then of course I made him text it to me so I could Instagram.

One of a series of pictures of The Hubbs and my bro in law.
We met my BIL and SIL in the city.
We had a blast.
I love this picture because you really get how much these two love each other.
Can you say bromance?

Sometimes when mommies and daddies love each other, they runaway from home.
They remember all the reasons why they do what they do.
They have real conversations.
They enjoy baseball games without interruptions.
They sleep in.

And sometimes they even talk about the kids.


  1. looks like you guys had a great time! it's definitely very important to get away sans kiddos to recharge. :)

  2. Y'all both just looked so happy. It reminded me of what my husband and I are like away from responsibilities. We seriously need to get away soon because I want a smile like that on my face.

  3. Ah I'd love to run away for a bit! Not as easy to leave the kid, since we don't really have anyone to drop her off with for the night...

  4. I wish The Hubbs had video'd you dancing your arse off!