In the moment {lessons in motherhood}

Every once in awhile, I'm reminded of the treasures of this life.  We can get lost as we weave through the days of endless laundry, dishes stacked sky high, and toys that seem impossible to pick up.  We forget that many of our ordinary days, are sometimes magical in a child's eyes.  They won't remember the kitchen table covered in books and last nights dinner dishes.  They will remember covering the mess in newspaper to paint before breakfast.  They won't remember the dishes stacked on the counter, but they will remember the bowl you always use when you make cookies, at eight o'clock on a Wednesday.  It's the every day occurrences that make up childhood memories.  

Monday was one such instance.  I had lunch with friends, while the girls played at my grandmother's house.  The day was stifling hot and humid.  Sticky arms and legs.  No breeze for miles.  We came home to a cooler house and gray skies.  I got dinner ready, and tried in vain to pick up the endless toys that continue to parade in our living room.  Distracted I thought I heard the Hubbs roll the trash cans into our side yard.  I checked the window for his car, but no car.  Then I heard the noise again, and looked out the window again.  


Hot, humid rain.  Ninety three degrees and pouring hot rain.

I opened the door and yelled for the girls.  
You've got to see this!  It's raining!!  

Then Caitlin asked, "Can I touch it?".


In my past mothering life I would have thought about dry dirt caking on damp legs.  Wet 
t -shirts and shorts dripping on my already filthy floors.  Mac and Cheese on the stove, threatening to boil over.  Chicken in the oven, threatening to burn.
Who has the time to dance in the rain?

In my new mothering life, we do.

My girls have been my greatest blessing.  In the past six years, they have taught me to let go.  Let the rope out a little.  Take a chance on fun.  Leap before I make a list, plan the leap, and pack some snacks.  To open my heart and my eyes to the every day occurrences that make up this chaotic and precious life.  

Because if I blink, hesitate, or pause for a moment, 
I just might miss the happiest six year old, dancing in the rain.


  1. That is so sweet! I love that you let them play in the rain. I want to be that type of mother. The type of mother that lets laughter trump clean.

  2. this is so sweet. and I love love the tag line for your awesome..i shall be back!