14 Days and Counting...

Someone is riding a two wheeler.
It only took two hours of practice.
Summer, much like time is fleeting.
Enjoy every ounce.
Squeeze in every moment.

It's almost gone.
One look at our bucket list and we didn't do half of what we planned.
Two weeks from today school starts again.
Where did the time go?
So as we buy pencils and crayons, new bag packs and lunch boxes,
we will also try and squeeze every little bit of summer out.
We will enjoy late nights out front.
Maybe eat ice cream for dinner.
Hopefully make it to the movies.
Instigate a water fight or two.
Whatever we do, we will savor every last bit.
Enjoy every last bite.
Inhale every last scent.
Because Summer has been so sweet.


  1. Seriously, where DID Summer go?! It has definitely gone by way too fast on our end too.

  2. You had me shedding a tear in the second line. I'm a huge fan of the summer... it's amazing it's almost gone. But what an incredible summer it's been. It's good to find your blog!

  3. That is CRAZY! I can not believe how fast it is flying by!

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