Vegas Baby {the Hangover}

Still in recovery from my wild Vegas weekend.
There is a reason why I don't stay up until 5 am anymore.
There are reasons why I shouldn't drink, even a little bit.
There are reasons why I should take yoga for flexibility...
But you know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
Unless you are on Instagram.
Airport selfies.
Thanks to my neighbor Jess for the picture.
We are so excited!

More selfies in Downtown Vegas.
Yes, the Hubbs is licking my teeth.
Sexy right?

After a friend on Instagram commented that I was drinking water in Vegas,
I felt I had to at least try a drink.
If you are new here, I don't drink because I'm not supposed to due to health reasons.
What the hell, I was in Vegas.
It didn't go well.
But I didn't get sick, so yeah for that!

Don't Stop Believin'.
It was our first night in Vegas and we went all out.
Hubbs is still mad about being caught on video.
Whatevs, isn't he cute?

When in Vegas you are supposed to go shopping.
And buy things like kitty meow meow phone covers.
Totally appropriate.
These are my neighbors.
Aren't they pretty.
And the best damn bitches around.
Seriously this trip was amazing because they were there!
Inappropriate texting is included with this friendship.
I love them!
This was at a restaurant called Dick's Last Resort.
It's where the servers are rude to you, and make fun of you.
It's pretty obvious that our server reads this blog.
Ask me more about my vagina why don't you!

Waiting for our ride to the "club".
The "gentleman's" club if you will...
It was a blast.
The Hubbs' smile is hiding the fact that he HATES selfies.
But with more Vodka Red Bulls he complies.

Totally compliant with the selfies.

Here we are at a dance club.
Where tops are mandatory,
unlike the club from earlier in the night.
And yes, we are having a blast.
I danced on those super tall wedges I bought all night.
Didn't fall on my ass one time.
They were fabulous until 2:20 am when I had to take them off.
Because I was either going to die, or my feet were going to fall off.

More selfies while we wait for the beach party at Mandalay Bay.
This is the Hubbs' hurry this selfie crap up face.
Sorry love, but Instagram loves you.
I've actually told him that he is huge on Instagram and he doesn't believe me!

These are some of my favorite people!
This was our going away party weekend for Jeska and Tony on the left.
They are moving to the Bay Area and breaking up the band.
But this weekend proved that we are going to be friends for life.
I see lots of trips to the Bay in our future!

These are my neighbors.
We were in this little bar in the middle of Mandalay Bay.
The music was awesome.
The people were amazing.
And we shut it down!
In our beach attire of course!
My BF asked me if we had this much fun...
Yes, we absolutely did!

This is me.
Sad because we are leaving Vegas.
I don't want to go home.
I want to go to the room, take a nap, and do it all over again.
Who's ready?

Bye Bye Vegas.
We may have to cancel Christmas,
but damn you were fun!!

Vegas did wonders for my marriage.
Because after eight, yes EIGHT, years you sometimes forget.
You forget that in the beginning you were two college students who
couldn't get enough of each other.
You forget that you really do like each other.
You forget that your marriage is just an excuse to hang out
with that one person who makes your life totally worth living.
If you are looking for an Instagram link up,
check out Jeanette!


  1. The two of you look like college kids in love. I seriously can feel the love between you two vibrate out of the computer. My husband and I need a fun trip. To remember that we use to be fun. That we use to not fight over buying an expensive drink from the gas station. That we use to eat McDonalds at 2 am and not 4 pm. Thanks for reminding me what love is suppose to look like. I didn't see one picture of a perfectly clean house or a balanced supper. I need to remember those things aren't what love looks like.

  2. Goodness, reading about you staying up until 5am makes me tired! Blah.

    I want to take a nice little vacay with my husband. One day...

  3. OMG it looks like you had an amazingly awesome time. I'm super jealous. And you guys are awesomely cute. :)

  4. Seriously what a blast!!! Your making me want to go back, so glad you had fun!

  5. Lmao! Its usually the other way around for us... dance clubs first! #ballin Was this ure guys first trip to Vegas?