Mommy and her mad face {or bitchy resting face}

Yes, you read that right.  Mommy and her mad face.  This unfortunately isn't a title I came up with all on my own.  This is a title bestowed upon me and my face by my three year old.  Sometimes it's "Mommy has her made face", "Mommy why do you have your mom face?", or my favorite, "Mommy are you going to get your mad face?".  Should we talk about the mommy guilt overload at this point?  Let's not and skip to the part about my mad face.

As you can tell, I don't wear my heart on my sleeve, but on my face.  If I can be vain for a moment, I really like my smile.  Even with some imperfect teeth, I think my smile is one of my best features.  It really does change my face.  It also makes me look nice and approachable.  You probably think I'm the nicest blogger around if you follow me and all my shameless selfies on Instagram.  If you know me in real life then you know, I can be Bitchzilla in 30 seconds flat.  When I'm not smiling, the assumption is that my day sucks, I'm mad, or all of the above.  I wear every annoyance, every hiccup in the day, every time one of my kids is whining about who's turn it is on the iPad, on my face.  I'd like to think that I have a variety of expressions that cross my face.  
Truth is I have two, Smiling Mommy or Mad Face Mommy.

Mad face has been my look of choice these days.  Because my kids for the life of me don't want to take a bath.  Even when they are stinky with black bottomed feet, hair almost to the point of dreadlocks, and sticky necks.  My mad face shows up when one kids wants to swim at Grandma's and the other wants to play in her bedroom (not at grandma's).  Mad face is a staple at Target, where we are still debating on how many Monster High dolls it takes to complete a collection.  I mean how many Lagoona Blue's do you need kid?  Mad face is always invited to dinner because who wants to eat carrots and broccoli?  Mad face has been my staple for months, just like jean cut offs, white t-shirts, and flip flops.

Perhaps I should be apologetic.  I have to admit the first time I heard "mommy's mad face" out of my three year old's mouth, it broke my heart.  I don't want to have a "mad face".  I don't want my reaction to be "total bitch face" when my kids have a melt down, but it is what it is.  It's really effing hard to smile when your kids is half crying half whining in Target over Squinkies.  It's doubly hard to smile when your three year old just peed all over the bathroom floor because she waited too long to go, and she has been potty trained for almost a year.  It's super hard to grin and bare it when both your kids decide that tonight's dinner sucks, and they want PB & J and you are of course out of bread.

 At this point I'm really tired of "Mommy's mad face".  I don't like hearing it, or wearing it.  I really want it to be on the fall "don't" list.  My goal is to try really hard to smile when I have those "mommy dearest" moments.  Sure, motherhood isn't flowers and unicorns, but it is pretty cool.  For all the times I have a "mommy mad face", I can also have a blissful smile too.  I guess that's because there is always a silver lining.  For every potty accident there are kisses and hugs.  For every disastrous dinner, there are desserts to make everyone happy.  For every Target trip that ends in tears, there is always one that ends in triumph.  

It's also entirely possible that I don't have a mad mommy face, 
but a case of "bitchy resting face" instead.

Oh Anna! I adore you!
source via Pinterest  

I'm pretty sure I have both.


  1. My husband calls it my "teacher face". He'll say "don't give me your teacher face". Jack will be saying teacher face before too long I'm sure. Teacher face just means that I'm serious and you best correct it. My students have identified "the face" long ago.

  2. Seriously, your posts are sometimes what helps me keep my sanity. Because very few people are truly honest about being a parent. I feel guilty for counting down the days till my teens go back to school. While everyone I know on FB is posting about how sad they are their kids are going back to school! Thank you, thank you, for keeping it real.

  3. I love you. Seriously. Have I told you that lately. Every effing post that you right resonates so closely with me. I think that most of us have that mean face. I know I do and Brookelyn has asked me a LOT lately "momma are you mad?". I have to explain to her that it's just my "bitchy resting fact". haha. Matt has it too! I'm always telling him he looks so mad, now I guess I kinda get it. And, dude we totally deserve to have that sometimes. Though, working on smiling more is always good. Hope there are far less peeing on yourself, fights over squinkies, and generally annoying events in life coming for you. ;)

  4. HaHA I love this post it cracks me up bc I can totally relate!

  5. Both me and my daughter have this exact face. I have this problem of kind of squinting my eyes, pursing my lips, and staring at people like I hate their guts. I've always done it, ever since I was a kid. It's usually just me staring off into space or looking at your shirt and thinking "I like that shirt" but the stranger is probably thinking, what a B. My daughter does the same thing. Yes, at 19 months. She has a long life ahead of her!

  6. i can relate. i've been both, more so bitchy mean mommy of late. motherhood isn't all rainbows and sunshine. no matter what when the day ends, it ends. you wake up to a new day. the girls and hubs love you regardless xo

  7. Lol!!! Makes me think of my moms face when we were in trouble. Her eyes got huge and she pursed her lips.... if looks could kill hahaha! We laugh and tease her about it now. While ure trying to keep a happy face Im perfecting my scary mom one ;)

  8. Funny story: family road trip, I was maybe 4. I gave my parents "angry eyes" and was called out. I spent the next few HOURS blinking and winking so hard so I could rid myself of those angry eyes.

    As a mother, the skill to look, and even see with eyes in the back of our head develops in pregnancy. A bless and a curse. And it makes you real. And it lets your kids know you can be angry and still love and recover and go forward. Truly, it's a good thing to show your kids. A child who never disruption has no clue how to handle it.


  9. My kids aren't even old enough to know I get the mad face, but I do. I feel really horrible about it, but goodness its easy to get to that point! :/