Wore: Vegas {plus a chicken update}

If you haven't heard, I was in Vegas last weekend.
It was amazing.
For me.
For my marriage.
For my life.
So of course I'm here to update you on the most important parts of the trip.
What I wore.
Because isn't that the cardinal rule of blogging?
That I document every outfit on Instagram?
And before you leave this post, because you are completely over me,
my Vegas trip, and what I wore posts in general,
I have an update on the chicken...
So stay until the end because you don't want to miss it.
Let's start with the prep that was involved just to get to Vegas.
Look, it's been years since I've dressed up or worn make up consistently.
I needed a lot of work if I'm being honest!
Grays had to be covered.
Toes had to be painted.
Fingers had to be prettied.
And vaginas had to be waxed.
I have to say, I've gotten used to this polished and pampered life.
If I had the opportunity I would totally keep this up!!
Bottom right: 
Pink and taupe chevron maxi by KikiLaRue
It's amazing, like a really classy nightgown.
So comfy and cool.
I would live in it if I could.
Bottom Left:
White tank, jean shorts, and water.
Yes, water, because I don't really drink anymore.
I didn't need alcohol to have fun either, you'll see in the days to come.
We were downtown on the old strip, which is an event in itself.
Top right:
 Dress from the Loft that my insta-peeps voted on.
I loved that dress, but I will be honest and tell you that Spanx
were in full effect, my hips don't lie.
Also I rocked the smoky eye per the Hubbs request.
I actually liked my smoky eye, it make me feel fancy.
Plus my neighbors were quite impressed that I clean up so well.
Because they see me in 3 day hair and yesterdays yoga pants most of the time.
Top left:
 Black tank (hand me down) and a black mini from H&M that was $5.95.
I'm also wearing a bathing suit under since we were going to a beach concert.
Because Vegas has such things as a beach
and a wave pool in the middle of the dessert,
while one hit wonders from the 80s play their greatest hits.
I'm not making that up.
Not even a little.
Now for what you are really waiting for:
The Raw Chicken Update
I will forever stand by the fact that Brazilian waxes kill your vagina.
As in hot molten lava flow on your under carriage.
It's a fact.
Getting your vagina ripped within an inch of her life is not fun.
Wanna know what is fun?

Everything else your vagina will do in Vegas without kids.
So I'm sorry if I turned so many of my dear readers
off the idea of going raw chicken commando.
It's worth it.
Multiple times worth it,
if you know what I mean...
The Hubbs has requested that I stop talking about my
vagina on this blog and on Instagram.
I told him that's probably not going to happen.


  1. You're a brave brave girl! I've made the appointment before but could only get a bikini wax, I couldn't go all the way :( in my opinion getting my legs waxed hurts worse than getting my bikini, weird I know! Thanks for sharing your experience!