Adios August

In August:

We stole time for ourselves.
And took a trip that we didn't even know we needed.

I let loose just a bit.

I'm pretty sure we fell in love with each other again.
It was about damn time.

I learned that laughter really is the best medicine.
It can save you from yourself.
It can also ease some serious pain.

We took advantage of Target's back to school dorm essentials.
Even if dorm life is eons away.
Eons meaning twelve years.
Cue the water works now.

We learned that sometimes you just have to use fro-yo as a bribe.
We can go to fro-yo if you take a bath.
Because baths are always a chore in August.

We started dance classes in leotards that were a tad too big.
In tiny tap shoes.
In miniture ballet shoes.
It was seriously cuteness overload.

I saw myself in print.
Artful Blogging did a feature on Elevate.
And there I am.
I made a promise to myself that this was just the beginning.

Someone started preschool.
And didn't really like it.
Like most things in our life, 
school is a work in progress.

I made cake pops for a going away party.
They look happy and cheerful but they are crying on the inside.
Because no one wants to say good bye to good neighbors
who become part of your extended family.

We said good-bye to some of the best neighbors we have ever had.
It was sad and tearful.
Here we are, the sister wives.

Someone started first grade.
Someone also started to look like a teenager.
And Mommy had a lump in her throat the entire month.

In August I had the time of my life.
I lived, I loved, I let loose.
We milked August for all it was worth.

Adios August,
you were so good to me.
To my family.
To my life.


  1. Goodness, baths have been a chore here... I've had to get IN with her just to wash that stinky, dirty body...