Farewell Summer

I had a feeling that this summer was going to be huge.
Jam packed with adventures.
Days spent in the scorching Fresno summer sun.

A big birthday.

A few vacations.

A much needed time to reconnect.

What I didn't know that there would be so many firsts.
Milestones that were expected but brought unexpected joy.

Milestones that made me sigh in relief, but also made me long for 
summers of the past.
Summers that were slower.
Summers where we were still little.
This summer was the bridge that took my kindergartner to first grade.

It was the summer that took her from counting her age in years on one hand to two.
It will be the summer she will remember for all the growing that she did.

It was a summer spent watching Mac carve out a little independence.

Deciding that dance classes were fun.
Taking a chance on school.
Surviving an extended weekend without mom and dad.

This summer is the one I will remember for late nights in our driveway.

With friends that became family.

Planning adventures we would never forget.
And making major life decisions that would change everything.

This is the summer I will not soon forget.
The one that reminded me of who I once was.

The one that reminded me how to have fun again.
The summer that gave my marriage a chance to exhale.

Farewell Summer.
Thanks for the memories.


  1. It sounds like this summer was a great one! What is it about saying goodbye to summer that is SO hard? We had a pretty great summer ourselves and I was not ready to see it go! I hope the school year goes great for y'all!

  2. Sounds like an amazing summer! Hope this next season is just as awesome.