Cawfee Tawk

Linda Richman, she is like buttah.

It's been a while since we've had a coffee date, so I've decided we need to have a "Cawfee Tawk".  Mike Myers, SNL, Linda Richman.  It's the shaz, your welcome.

So this week I felt like I was on a Hamster Wheel.  Like I was running with no place to go.  There weren't enough hours in the day.  There aren't even enough days in this week!  I've decided to start working out again, and while I'm exhausted now, I know I'll be feeling better next week.  However I am having a hard time washing my hair as I'm pretty sure my arms are going to fall off.  Also squats make you never want to sit down every again.  It's like my legs cry every time I have to pee.

I also was a little sick this week due to some rancid almonds.  Yeah.  That.  Look, I thought they looked funny, but the smell didn't start for a couple of days so I kept eating them and wondering why I was feeling like crap.  I have issues with lots of foods so I was trying to pinpoint the bad one.  Then yesterday I opened the huge, econo bag from Costco and knew, they had offically died.  So I took them back and let Costco know, just in case they cared.  Then I went to the grocery store and bought some in a smaller clear package.  You know so I could check out if they were going bad.  I mean it's bad enough that most foods make me sick, but then to eat bad food...

I had total and complete writers block.  I know of a blogger who is hosting Blogtember with prompts for the entire month (next Thursday's is super fun, check it out!).  But even those eluded me.  I think sometimes you just have to surrender yourself to it.  It's like you have to let it ride, far off into the sunset before it can come back to you.  I'm sure it's that way with most arts.  You just get to this point where there is nothing to say.  That was me this week.

Plus do you ever get paralyzed by your to do list?  I was this week for sure.  So many things to do and not enough time to do it in.  It's like you know what's waiting for you, but still you procrastinate.  I like to say I work better under pressure, but the truth is I usually eff that up too.  For example, I waited until the last possible moment to post this giveaway (still open by the way).  I also have failed to give the Influenster Vox Box my undivided attention.  You know, I'm really not the "blogger" I think I am.  I'm all party and no business.  Like a shag instead of a mullet.  It's also a good reason why I make no money at this "hobby".  And by hobby I mean life's work.

School is still kicking my ass.  Mac still cries at drop off, which isn't that bad since we are only 3 weeks in.  However it feels like a lot longer.  Caitlin has decided that dropping her off at the curb is totally acceptable.  Especially if she sees friends she can walk with.  Like I've said, she is six going on sixteen.  What's a mom to do?  I went to a PTC meeting, which in my day was called PTA (totally aging myself in this process).  I've also rejoined the ranks as a Room Mom.  Did I forget to mention I'm going to also be a Daisy Troop Leader?  That's the one I'm worried about most... Hopefully those parents won't read my blog.  I promise the Daisy curriculum doesn't include raw chickens.

Speaking of Raw chickens, I went back this week for another bellybutton to tailbone wax.  Still hurt like a mutha.  Hot lava in full effect.  But since I knew what to expect, I did a little better.  Sure I let out a yelp a few times.  And it's something that's not for the faint of heart, especially when your wax lady has to literally go knee deep in your baby maker.  Well, maybe not knee deep, but seriously...

This week has been chalked up to a total wash.  I'm exhausted friends, and well, my fingers have little to tell this week at this keyboard.  So while I did recycle some posts this week, I'm crossing my fingers that next week will bring the break through that I need.  That I'll be inspired by something I see, or do, or even better, read.  Where do you draw your inspiration from?

So have a great weekend.  This cawfee tawk has been like buttah.
You, my readahs, are like buttah...

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  1. I was going to do Blogtember but none of the prompts felt like I could write them and still seem "Katy". I tried to start my exercising regime again this week but I'm so tired that I can't get myself out of bed at 5am to run...which is the only time I have during the day to workout. And I've had so many orders come in lately that I feel like this horrible mommy because I actually had to tell my little one 'Mommy has work to do, she can't play right now'.

    Basically...I'm calling this week a wash myself. Next week: I am back, bitches. :)
    KatyM. | Wild & Wanderful

  2. I enjoyed your older posts! I love that you recycle them when you're in a funkity funk. I told Nate you went back yet again to the hot lava! He couldn't believe it! :) Wifey of the year award goes to you! Cheers to a fab weekend lover! XOXO

  3. I've been overwhelmed with blog post ideas that I'm writing two weeks ahead. It's like my creative juices are flowing... but I know I'll hit a slump soon enough. Probably when we move in 7 weeks...

  4. Your honesty is what brings me back. When I'm reading a blog and I feel like they're full of poo because their life is so perfect, I stop reading. So, please don't ever stop being totally honest.. you know, talking about raw chickens and how hard parenting can be. And, for the record.. it's still called PTA here in Wisconsin. ;)