What day is it? {Hump day Happenings

Hey, hey, hey.
What day is it?



Now that I've got your attention you can totally tell I have nothing prepared for today.
So I thought I'd share some things I've found around the Internets.
Your Welcome in advance.


Bon wrote a take no prisoners post about why she has stopped following some blogs.
And give an Amen in the comments.

Who else is happy that summer is over so we don't get confused by 
delicious hot dogs or really nice legs?

For serious right now.

I'm kind of over this entire adult situation.
Add to the fact that moms can't call in emotionally unbalanced.

Before you go, let me share a really bright spot in Bloggy Land.
I joined in the Cuppa Kim Mug Swap.
It was super fun, and now of course there is a link up.

Here is what the lovely Kristin gave me:

That's a Starbucks gift card with that pretty owl mug.
Thank you Kristin.

And if you are a nosy you know what like me, hop on over to Cuppa Kim,
and check out all the Mug Madness.

Or not.
It's hump day after all.


  1. I seriously laughed at the Kermit one. So true.

  2. Cuuuute mug! And I will never look at legs the same again.....

  3. Was a fun swap, def brings a little happiness to blogging!

  4. Starbucks card and a cute owl mug? Yes, please!

    And the hot dogs or legs kills me.