Love and Football

Fresno State 41.  Boise State 40.

Yes.  We most certainly are: That Couple.

Celebration Selfies.

If you don't live in Fresno, Boise, or have a football team in the Mountain West conference, then this may be news to you.  On Friday night, after eight, EIGHT years of heartbreaking losses, Fresno State, my Alma Mater, finally beat Boise State.  Like I said this may mean zilch in your college football loving heart.  You may care less about college football than you do about the NFL, and that's ok, but this game meant more to mean than just a long awaited win. Once it sank in that we (Fresno State) had finally broken the curse, I realized that this game symbolized so much more.

The last time Fresno State beat Boise State, I was a newlywed.  Just seven months into my blissful journey as Mrs. Crutchfield.  I was bright eyed, bushy tailed, and so very naive.  We, the Hubbs and I were both in that sweet spot.  Still living in the bubble of just wedded bliss. The, I wish you would pick up your socks, put the seat down, please but I'll let it slide because I love you so much bliss.  You know what I'm talking about.  That time when you will do just about anything to make the other one happy.  Even biting your tongue until it bleeds. Eight years ago it was just me and The Hubbs.  No babies, just us, living the dream.  And when Fresno beat Boise, seven months into our lives as husband and wife, we were unstoppable, on top of the world even.  But like so many games, or in our case challenges, in our married life, victory wouldn't always come so easy or so sweet.

What followed were eight years of not so wedded bliss.  Like Fresno State we put our best foot forward.  We fought the good fight, but our victories were sometimes hard won.  Other times there were no victories (like the games against Boise).  What no one bothers to tell you is that marriage is hard work.  So hard in fact that sometimes you want to throw in the towel. That you say horrible things to each other.  That one of you nags the other constantly, that one ignores the nagging constantly.  No one tells you that sometimes you have to fight one yard at a time.  That many times you are 4th and inches, and sometimes you go for it, and sometimes you don't.  No one tells you that every yard gained is a small victory even when your are just shy of a first down.  

Friday night was a huge win for Fresno State, but also a huge win for us.  The Hubbs and I have been working towards our own win since 2005.  After eight years of marriage we are back where we started.  We remember why we took those vows, we remember why we like each other, and want to spend time together.  For all the crap I talk about football season, the tailgates that start at dawn (I'm only kidding a little), and the late nights in the stadium; I love Fresno State Football.  It reminds me that at our core, we are still those college kids cheering on our Alma Mater.  We are still those newlyweds without a care in the world.  We are still those parents that can sneak away for a Friday night to cheer on our team as they win big, bigger than they have in eight years.

Because my marriage won big too.
And just like our team, we've worked so very hard for this win.


  1. I love how you tell it so honestly. Marriage is such hard work. I lived with my best friend for years and we only had one fight so I thought marriage couldn't be that hard-living with your best guy couldn't be much different then living with your best girl. Right? Wrong! See I didn't care what she spent her money on or did something stupid (I encouraged it). When one person's actions changes your life it because a whole other ballgame.
    So happy to see that y'all are back in the sweet spot!

  2. This is so sweet. Sometimes I wonder if we will ever be back at the same place we were, 7 years ago when we got together... but I see those moments sometimes peeking through the clouds!

  3. Love love love. So happy that you guys are back in a good place. I know all too well what it's like to be on that field and struggling to move even a yard at a time. And, yay for Fresno State, that's awesome! (and my one of my uncles alma maters' too)

  4. Seriously girlfran you are one talented writer. Loved this so very much and it makes my heart happy when u share the love!