Currently {According to Mac}

Listening to:
the Cup Song and trying to do the words;
Demi "Low-bottom", Heart Attack.
Anything on Kids Bop, including Justin "Tumblewake".

Grilled cheese sandwiches.
Powdered donuts, before dance class, and they make her crazy.
As evidenced in the above picture.

Fruit Beer (translation, Root Beer),
Blue Icees,
Sweet Iced tea, especially before 7 am.

Sweet swag.
Glitter hand bag.
Hello Kitty sunnies.
Sparkly sandals.

And Chucks and princess dresses.
Of course.

Happy on non school days.
Sad on School days.
Tired after a hard day of playing.
Grumpy if she hasn't slept enough.
Really pissed if she hasn't eaten recently.

More ways to destroy my kitchen.
Play food of any kind so she can make dinner for you.
A jumbo pink play kitchen from Costco.
More clothes for Black Baby.

An iPad of her own.
More prim and proper dresses that make her look like a lady.

All the toys she owns.
Her princess rocking chair.
And a TV in her room.
Yeah, because I'm that mom.
When I asked her to clean up this room, she said,
"But it's comfy like this".

Currently, I can't argue with that.

I have to thank Chelsea from Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles.
Read her original post about her daughter here.
It's adorable, and her photos are amazing.
Thanks Chelsea!


  1. The picture regarding the doughnut comment basically killed me. She is too sweet, Megan!

  2. You got two cool daughters on your hands. I need to live the Mac lifestyle a little more.