Mac's first dance class

There is something so precious about size 8 tap shoes and ballet slippers.

Something so sweet about a first attempt at tap.
Toes not pointed at all.
Out of step every step of the way.

Something so lovely about first position that first time.

There is just something special about that first ballet class.
In your sisters hand me down leotard.
In new ballet shoes all your own.

There is something so bittersweet about this little girl growing up.
Striking out on her own.
Making friends in her first dance class.
And learning the steps to dance though life.


  1. I danced from age 4 all the way thru college. I taught dance a great number of those years. One of my biggest regrets was not pursuing it for add long add I could and trying to make my dreams come true. Such a beautiful thing - the beginning of a dance career. I hope she loves it and it brings her tons of joy.

  2. She is so cute! I wonder if Penny will ever want to do dance. Right now it's all about toddler gymnastics for her ;)

  3. Precious. First dance classes (and all of them) at that age are just adorable.