Ye of little faith

I have a confession to make.

Prior to my Las Vegas getaway, I didn't believe in date night.
I loathed all the date night pictures on Instagram.
I mean, really, you like your husband that much?
Who does that?

Maybe it was envy.
Maybe it was because I always come up with excuses.
Maybe it was because I hadn't let loose in years.

Well readers and friends, I was wrong.

You see that Hubbs?
I said I was WRONG.
About date nights, just date nights.

I digress.

As evidenced by my Instagram feed, my Las Vegas getaway was fun.
It was more than fun, it was amazing, exciting, glamorous, stimulating...
It was refreshing and relaxing.
It was everything my marriage needed and more.

Because we really have forgotten how to be John and Megan.
Because our days are filled with being Mommy and Daddy, 
or Absolute Mommy and The Hubbs.
We got to Vegas and suddenly we were us again.
The relaxed and affectionate us.
The let's got to be at 3 in the afternoon us.
The let's stay out all night us.
Those two haven't been around in years.

My marriage needed those four days.

Mornings that were spent in bed, no one demanding mini pancakes, no one calling "I'm done" from the potty.  Mornings that were slow to start, with breakfast in bed, quiet conversation and dare I say, more?  Afternoons spent out, shopping or drinking.  Not a care in the world.  No schedule, no dance classes, no late afternoon tantrums.  Evenings spent dancing, singing along to music, having dinner and not worrying about spilled drinks and cutting up hot dogs.  And while we went on this trip with friends, the two of us, The Hubbs and I, were able to reconnect in a real way.  To remember what it was like seven years ago when it was just us.  To remember what it was like when we first met.  Those two college kids that could not get enough of each other.  Who spent their days and nights filled with booze and laughter and stolen kisses.  To remember that at one time we liked each other best.

 Now I believe in date night.
I believe in second and third honeymoons.
I believe that at some point you have to remember what it was like
to love your husband recklessly and messily.

Even if you have to schedule the time to do it.


  1. I hugely believe in date night! We don't even have kids yet--but I grew up seeing my Mom and Dad never really have fun Mom never really wanted to go on dates, and I thought that was sad. It's nice even to know that your parents actually like spending time together.

  2. My husband's schedule has been so difficult that date night has fallen to the wayside. But I agree, it's important to just be you two!

  3. Ok, I can't believe you didn't believe in date night!? Crazy. I'm so glad that you're a believer now though. Date night does amazing things for a marriage, we've learned that for sure over the past 11 years. Go out! Have more date nights now! Glad you guys had an amazing time!

  4. My husband and I are horrible about date night or any time to ourselves period. After just one year of marriage it already feels like we've lost part of us. With 3 kids at home - ages 12, 14 & 16 - and school, sports, church, etc etc it seems like we just forget about us. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. EXACTLY! You both deserve it and so glad you'll be making more time for it!

  6. Jake and i dont get to go on dates often but i have noticed that when we do, i feel 23 again. And we have fun. Even if we are just walking around target, it is nice to just be and not have to worry about kids.

  7. I was the same way then yesterday James and I took the day off and spent the day away from everything and it was great. As soon as we get some money saved we are having a getaway too.

  8. Awesome reminder. Going to find some time for a date night for me soon!

  9. Sigh... I totally believe in date night but we haven't had one in years. Three little ones, no baby sitter and my husband's awful work schedule which I hate. I miss him and us. I'm hoping to "get away" with him to be alone and reconnect very soon. Next year Hayden starts Kindergarten. At least we have school days to look forward to. ;)

  10. Megan, I am so glad you discovered date night!! I've always believed in dating my husband for so many reasons but, most importantly to remember that we were an "us" before we were mommy and daddy! Enjoy your future date nights! xoxo