10 on 10 {Vegas}

I've been wanting to attempt a 10 on 10 for awhile.  I follow a few peeps on Instagram that are so faithful in their 10 on 10s. Me, I usually remember half way through the day when I check my Instagram.  My favorite 10 on 10er is Honey Holden.  Check her out.  She is the real deal.

Back to my 10 on 10.  Ten pictures on the tenth of the month.  Seems easy, until you forget you started the whole thing.  I figured with Vegas as my back drop it should be pretty easy.  It was and it wasn't.  Plus I had to explain to my traveling companions exactly what I was doing, and why it was important to the Instagramming blogger in my heart.  It was really fun, and kind of like a day in the life.  I'm sure you've seen them, but here they are again.
Because if it's not on your blog, it may as well never happened.

top left to right:
Smoky eye the morning after.  Sexy am I right?
The Starbucks baristas hard at work in our hotel.
The picture that should have been the first 10 on 10 picture
 since it was taken well after midnight on the 10th.

middle left to right:
Lunch and some retail therapy.
My first Izze of the day, while waiting in line for 
a sandwich for the Hubbs.
Meow meow phone case and an all black ensemble for a beach party

bottom left to right:
Selfies with the Hubbs because we remembered we 
really do like each other.
The buckets of beer that turned a low key beach party night 
into a limo/strip club night.
Don't ask...
Our group that took Vegas by storm.

My final picture for 10 on 10.
Because we are rarely serious.
Because this trip restored our faith in 
marriage, love, romance, and us.
Because I love making him take pictures with me, 
more that I love making him hold my hand.

Did you post a 10 on 10?
Leave your link in the comments.


  1. I always say Im gonna do 10 on 10 but I usually don't remember till the 11th #fail So happy u guys did this trip! Love me some love ;)

  2. because it its not on your blog, it may as well have never happened.. hahaha! aint it the truth, aint it the truth? (thanks to Duckie for that line)