A Summer of Firsts

Why is it that when your five year old turns six, the world suddenly changes?
Life is nothing like it was this time last year.
No year ever is, but there is something to be said about that magical year,
when your baby isn't a baby anymore.

Before this summer we knew nothing of the joy of a lost tooth.
The smile with a window.
The excitement and anticipation of a Tooth Fairy Visit.
We knew nothing of the pride one can have when you pull a tooth out yourself.
And are rewarded for your efforts.

It was a summer to make major decisions.
To pierce or not to pierce.
That was the question.
And the day we turned six we made the decision.
With hesitation from Daddy of course.
And tears for less than a minute.

This summer was a summer to take chances.
Did we have the gumption to try a bike without training wheels?
Could we keep trying, pushing through the fear?
How long would it take to ride a bike like the big kids?
An hour.
It took an hour to go from training wheels to two wheeler.

This was a summer to try new things.
To conquer fears head on.
The movie theater seemed an impossible goal.
Always sensitive to sound.
Forever afraid of the dark.
But we were determined to make this the summer of firsts.
So with cotton in Mommy's purse and a Dr. Pepper in our hand,
we took a chance on Planes.
With wide eyes we got through the previews.
With wider eyes we watched our feature.
And before the movie was over, a little voiced whispered,
Can we come back for Smurfs 2?


Because a summer of firsts is just the beginning of a life time of memories.


  1. Amazing how quick they grow and change.

  2. Awwww....mama she is such a big girl. She is gorgeous!

  3. What a BIG year for her... I still can't believe my baby is going to be 6 in December.... eek!