It's Kid's Bop Bitch...

That's right.  Kid's Bop.  The one thing I swore I would never give into.  The commercials I would scoff at.  Oh, Kid's Bop, are you crazy?  My music is sacred.  Music in general is sacred.  How dare you let some little kids butcher top 40 hits into happy campfire fodder.
How how very naive I once was.

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Everything in your life changes with motherhood.  Your look on life.  Your hopes, your dreams, your tasted in music?  Well my taste in music didn't actually change.  It was just put on hold for a few years while I was subjected to The Wiggles, Dora the Explorer Live, and most recently, the Shake it Up soundtrack.  My BF would call and tell me about the awesome new CD she was listening to and I had no idea what she was talking about.  Because my kids didn't do regular music.  They could not abide by the radio stations.  They had melt downs about Pandora.

Then one day during an extremely long commercial break on Nickelodeon, Caitlin saw the commercial for Kid's Bop.  And my music world came tumbling down around my toy littered living room.

So like any good mother,
who gives her children what ever they want,
I bought a Kid's Bop CD.
And the world didn't burn.

The world started dancing.

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You see, my kids LOVE this CD.  Like let's play Thrift Shop 10 times on the way to Target.  Mackenzie loves Suit and Tie, and requests it along with I Love It, by Icona Pop.  Which makes me the happiest mom this side of Rolling Stone Magazine.  Ok, I know that the lyrics have been changed.  Some in major ways.  I know that 12 year olds are singing about things they know nothing about.  I know that I said I would never, ever Kid's Bop, but like most things in motherhood, never say never!

Here is where I knew I had totally lost my young, hip, cool mom status.  On our recent trip to Vegas I was surprised at how many songs I could actually sing along.  I was sitting in a strip club, no joke, and recognized a song, looked up at the big screen and realized it was Brittney effing Spears.  What the what?  I knew and could identify the song because I had heard it on a Kid's Bop CD.  Holy shitballs.  Then of course I couldn't stop laughing because I kept saying 
It's Kids Bop Bitch, in my head.  
Confirming my status as the mom who dances to 'what the kids are listening too these days'.  

Sunday night was the MTV VMAs, and my BF posted on Facebook that she was so happy she could turn on the VMAs and still know who was performing and winning awards.  I know how she feels.  I felt the same way, except I was also embarrassed because I love them via Kid's Bop.  When I told her that she said that part of her was dying inside.  I had to agree.  Then she said that poor Macklemore's soul was probably burning because his song was being sung by toddlers and small children everywhere.

She's right.
But I'm singing along too.
In the most uncoolest of mommy ways.
I may never be cool again.


  1. I've amazingly kept hold of my music preferences... I'm imagining once Penny gets older and can voice an opinion, it'll all be over.

  2. This is genius! I might have to succumb to kids bop so Im in the know. No joke.

  3. This is hysterical! I've been lucky enough to avoid Kid's Bop. And, most other kids music. My kids happen to have pretty decent taste. Although, we did go through a couple of years of Jonas Brothers 24/7 and I am glad that THAT phase has passed.