Almost Perfect Tacos {Resolutions In Motion}

Yes, almost perfect tacos.
Because my hubby said they would be better if
I skipped a step in the process.
No bother.
At least Caitlin liked them too.
I planned on making them again this week,
but life got away from me.
Oh, well, maybe next week.
I got the inspiration for these tacos on Twitter via Ashlee.
She said they were on her pinterest board,
so I did a little pin-stalking.
I proceeded to pin them, and make them, to ho-hum reviews.
The idea for this recipe is genius.
It's so easy and you can have dinner on the table in
just under a half an hour.
Ashlee said her family loved them.
Guess my family is just picky.
Almost Perfect Tacos:
Originally Oven Tacos
Pinned Image
source / pin
Check out the recipe at it's original home and you will be amazed how easy you are going to make dinner tonight.  The hubbs felt that by baking them, they got a little soggy.  I may, or may not have filled the shells a little too much.  Hence, possible sogginess.  Also, the picture above is just the beginning.  After they are baked to cheesy, melty, goodness, you can then fill them with your favorite taco toppings, like shredded lettuce, sour cream, salsa, and avocado.  Whatever makes you happy.  In the future, since the hubbs wasn't totally impressed, I will not bake them, but serve them right off the stove top.  If you skip the baking step, you can literally have dinner on the table in 15 minutes, provided that your taco toppings have been prepared in advanced. 
Which in my house means, cutting some avocado, opening a tub of sour cream, a jar of salsa, and lettuce shreds out of a bag. 
See, simple, easy, and delicious.
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  1. Oh~! I will have to check this out!

  2. we LOVE LOVE LOVE taco night around here. i like the idea of baking them, but i'm with hubs, i feel like they would get soggy.

  3. I think the sogginess would be a sloppy joe. We are so having tacos this week.

  4. This looks tasty. My only problem with making this would be the Kid does not like tacos unless they are soft tacos. Maybe the potential sogginess with work in my favor.