Wore {Vday Room Mom; pinned it, wore it}

I've said many times before, I will never be a fashion blogger.
As much as I love fashion and clothes,
fashion bloggers need to be serious.
More serious than iPhone pictures taken in your bathroom.
I'm learning, and I'm going out on a limb from time to time.
I'm also, thanks to Pinterest, happily shopping my closet.
Here's some Valentine's Day, Pinned it Wore it!
I knew I was going to need something comfortable
and casual for Valentine's Day.
I had a date with 27 of the cutest kindergartners around.
This is my chapter in room mom style.
What to wear when you have to be on your feet, serving rice krispie treats, or from time to time sitting cris cross apple sauce.
Here is the Pin.
Pinned Image

I thought the stripes with the red was fantastic.  Plus anytime I can wear my favorite jeans is a win for me.  While I liked the shoes, I know better.  I can't wear anything but a wedge since the girls have been born.  Believe me I tried, and those shoes up there are ankle breakers in my book.  Yet, I wasn't phased.  I knew I could take the basic elements of this idea and apply it to stuff I had in my closet.
Now for the Wore It.
 Striped tank with a black layering tank under it.  Red boyfriend cardigan from Target.  Seriously they are the most comfortable sweaters of all time!  Jeans by American Eagle (the Artist), and of course red Toms.  It was comfortable and festive.  I was able to help pass out Valentines.  I was able to sit at mini desks and help with heart graphs.  I was even able to go home, relax, put my feet up, and then go out to Panera with the family.  All in a days work, right mamas?
If you'd like to see the other hundred things I pin
and never wear you can here!


  1. i pin all this stuff that i never do......i love that you pin and wear! way to go, pinner!

  2. This outfit just gave me an idea for something I can put together for work!
    Thanks girly!

  3. You look adorable ANd injust wanted To thank you so much for your kind wonderful Xomment on my blog. I really appreciate the supportive community I have doing here:) I hope you have a great week!!! Its lovely meeting you:)

  4. You look fantastic! I LOVE this outfit. Definitely making me hope the next four months go by quickly, since right now it's all maternity wear for me!

  5. This is such an adorable outfit for Valentine's Day! You look cute and comfy at the same time which is good for working with kindergarteners :)

    The Tiny Heart
    February Group Giveaway!

  6. Yay for wearing what you pinned! I need to do that to help with my wardrobe, or lack there of lol! You look fab!