It's ok, I'm out of ideas {It's ok/InstaFriday}

I just wrote 864 words on motherhood and not having it all.
It's not ready yet.
So since I'm out of ideas, I'm going to link up with some bloggy peeps.
It's Ok Thursday, a day late, and InstaFriday.
I know totally obligatory post, but I got to write something.
Even if it's crap.
(that's my new motivation by the way, writing something, anything, even if it's crap)
Here it goes.
It's ok that I quarantined my husband to our bedroom for a full 27 hours because he had a stomach bug.  It's ok that I Lysol'd everything in that room and adjoining bathroom within an inch of it's shelf life.  It's ok that I Lysol'd and Clorox wiped the all our living areas, including light switches, keyboards, and door knobs.  It's ok that I considered throwing away 3 books that had been near the scene of the crime.  It's ok that I have prayed every hour since Tuesday morning at 2:54 that me and the girls do not get sick.  It's ok right?
It's ok that this is what my house looks like daily, although this was Wednesday.  The Wednesday in which I was freaked out and worried that we would all be getting the sickies.  This is my view from the couch taking a much needed snooze, that was very short lived, while these too destroyed the living room.  It's also ok that this picture is in black and white as not to reveal the disgusting carpet stains on our grey carpet. 
It's ok that said carpet used to be cream.
It's ok that this kid wore red sweats and this Wall-E shirt to the grocery store on Sunday while her sister wore a fancy dress.  It's ok that she kind of looked like a boy.  It's ok that she looked a little trashy.  And it's ok that I thought she did justice to this ensemble when she picked out a bologna and American cheese lunchable.  It's ok that I'm the mom that lets her eat that kind of crap.
It's ok that this is how we spend most of our mornings.  It's ok that I was trying to clean every surface in my house while wearing rabbit ears (not shown).  It's ok that I gave her 2 Oreos after snapping this picture because I was so happy she let me!
It's ok to take pictures of a sleeping toddler who you are waking up and asking if they are sleeping.  It's ok that we kept laughing and giggling that Mac would continue to flutter her eyes and say "No mommy".  It's ok that instead of letting her sleep, I immediately grabbed my camera to put it on Instagram.
It's ok that this is me trying to take a picture without this girl knowing.  Suddenly she doesn't want to have her picture taken at a moments notice.  It's ok I guess, but mommy really likes blogging about Mac's little moments.  It's ok that I'm supposed to be watching her sister dance, but all I can do is watch this one climb on this desk. 
It's ok that the majority of these pictures are of Mac.  It's ok because I've got plenty of time before Caitlin is going to read this blog and realize the majority of these pictures are of Mackenzie.  It's ok because I will remind Caitlin that she has a baby book and Mackenzie does not.  It's ok that Mac's baby book isn't done, right?  It's ok that it's almost been three years?
It's ok that this post may or may not make me look like a horrible mother.
It's ok because I don't believe in such things anymore.
Horrible mothers are like Big Foot.
Someone always thinks they see one, but it's more their imagination.
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  1. I really enjoyed this post. You are right, it is okay. In the bloggy world sometimes people try to look perfect, but we are not. And that is Okay too.
    I stopped by from Life Rearranged.

  2. "Horrible mothers are like the Big Foot.
    Someone always thinks they see one, but it's more their imagination."


  3. Yes... it's all ok! Otherwise I'd be a horrible mother too!

    April @

  4. It's okay! LOL at the lunchable. I used to eat those all the time. I think she looks adorable in her wall-e outfit. Wish we lived closer- I think Mac and Vanessa would be good friends...oh and us too! ;)

  5. I love looking at the not so perfect party of being a mother.
    It's okay that I just made my husband feel guilty on purpose so he would put Jack to sleep.

  6. I'm laughing so hard at this post thinking, all you would have to do is change the names and you would be talking about me. And, that's SO OK! :-) I'm notorious for letting mine wear pj's, tutus, or whatever to Walmart and the grocery store. It's just clothes, right? Loved this post and loved your words about horrible mothers/big foot. You made me laugh and feel like, as a mom, I'm OK too. Hope your weekend is great!

  7. Haha...first I love your writing/blogging motto. 2nd I always feel guilty that do many of my picture/posts are of Leila and not my other two. I'm glad that you reminded me that its ok.