Wore: It's Almost Spring { and a note per the Hubbs}


Saturday I hosted a Scentsy party at my house, and the weather was beautiful.  Fresno does some crazy weather acrobatics in February.  For example tomorrow it's supposed to be 78, but next week it could be 55 for all we know.  Since this is how it will be until late May or early June when 110 degree temps become the norm, I wanted to take advantage of an early spring day.
Red Skinnies bought last year at Target.  Toms I got for Christmas.  And my new polka dot shirt.  I'm loving the navy and mint, plus the shirt says "always" which is a shout out to my man Harry Potter.  Actually this is a quote from Severus Snape, but I'm still on the fence on liking him 100%.  Anyway, back to the shirt, if you'd like one and measure just about 5 feet tall, help yourself in the Target Girls department.  It's one of the small victories when you are this short, you get to shop the kids dept!
Also, since I don't feel a retraction is necessary, Monday's post has seem to hit a nerve with the Hubbs.  He felt that I insinuated that he was incompetent and uncapable.  More to come on this idea about dads, but for now I'm going to issue him an apology. 
Dear Hubbs,
I'm sorry I made you look like a loser in bloggy land.
You are not a loser, in fact you are my favorite.
You are very capable and very competent.
Thanks for having a good sense of humor when it comes to blog life.
your loving and loyal wife.
PS: yes, I mean me.
In addition the Hubbs wanted me to tell you what happens when he attempts to take a nap in the recliner.  He feels like if I'm going to be honest about things around our house, you should know the truth... So here it is:

When the Hubbs attempts or even falls asleep in the recliner, I may or may not start to wash dishes.  I may or may not start with the pans.  I may or may not do this on purpose.  I'm not afraid to admit this to the bloggy world.  I'm not even afraid to admit this to the man himself.
Because if anyone should be napping in the recliner, it should be me.


  1. Dear AbsoluteHubbs,
    You and coffee-n-ink hubby will get along great!
    As I tell my Hubby everyday, "Aren't you happy you married me?" which he thens rolls his eyes at me and says, "Oh yeah, I definitely won the lottery with you. That or your warranty expired a long ass time ago!
    Thanks for being a supportive hubbs to Megan. We all love you for it...really!!!

  2. Love that shirt!! My husband would think I was insensitive if I complained about him much. Whatevs. My blog!!

  3. I NEED that shirt and am hoping the girl's section at my Target has it!! Love it with the red too! TOO FUNNY about your husband! Oh how we love them for being such great sports and putting up with our love of blogging :)

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  4. Adorable shirt, love it!

    Your hubby sounds very similar to mine! I find that if I load the recliner with a bunch of junk, that he won't bother to move it so he can sit in the recliner at all. I guess he doesn't need that nap THAT bad after all! ;)

    Love your blog, mind if I follow along?


  5. I live in Madera and I love you blog!!! You are so real and I love it! Maybe one day I will bump into in Fresno when I'm shopping! Have a great weekend!!!