dear march {little letters}

yes, i'm going to write this without capitilization.
editors choice if you will...
dear march,
oh, how we meet again.
my favorite month, yet a dreaded one as of late.
you will bring spring weather, easter pastels,
and of course my birthday.
so cruel.
dear caffeine,
i love you madly, deeply, truly.
i had no idea you could pack such a punch.
after a year you are my dearest friend, but i can't hang like i used too.
still, you are glorious on sunny days with the windows down.
dear moms everywhere,
i mean this 110%.
horrible mothers are just a myth.
dear hubbs,
a saturday basketball date was just what we needed.
i don't even like basketball, but i like you.
and your jokes about the team.
thanks for making me go.
dear friday night,
you don't look like you used too.
neither do i.
i'm happy to tell you i'm good with this.
very good.
dear firmoo,
thank you for these glasses i can't get enough of.
i feel esteemed.  i feel nerdy.
i feel like this is such a shameless plug.
oh well, i'm addicted to these.
i'm in love.
serious, runaway together, have babies love.
i can't wait to rock my new clutch everywhere!
dearest mac,
don't ever stop being you.
dear readers,
i return to the workforce on monday.
for reals this time.
bear with me and my bloggy.
i'll keep writing, when i can, so please keep reading.
little letters with the freckled fox.
who is also beautiful and crush worthy.


  1. I wish you well heading back into the workforce :)

    I'd love to feature you in a "Getting to Know You" post. If you are interested, please let me know and I'll email you a list of questions to answer.

    March is my birth month too and I plan celebrate all month long! I turn the big 3-5 on the 24th :)

    Happy Birthday Month!

  2. Good luck and hope it goes as smooth as possible Monday! Sending good vibes :) LOVE your glasses, and seriously Mac's pics?! #idie #again

  3. Oh Mac, I love her! She is so funny!