Saturday: morning, noon, and night {LifeLately}

 This was me Saturday morning.  I wasn't happy.  It was almost 10 am, and I had only been up an hour and a half.  I had made big plans for Saturday.  They included PJs that I may or may not had planned to wear all day.  Plans that included laundry, a jog, and some blogging.  A morning that did not include a mad rush to get me and the troops ready for a visit to the Botanical Gardens.  I had forgotten this little event the my mother in law signed us up and paid for... Oops. 
I'll admit that once the day got rolling it showed a lot of promise.  Look at these two budding artists.  The event at our local gardens offered a paint and plant.  The girls had a blast, Mac of course made a mess, and fun was had by all.  They look so serious here, but I promise they just really get into their art.
 I will say that the morning improved greatly when word got out that we could make our own succulent garden.  The girls got to pick out their plants, add dirt, rocks, and the best part of all, animals.  Here is Caitlin's masterpiece.  She chose a very graceful and beautiful swan for her garden, and a purple clip on butterfly.  She was very proud of her garden.
 Here is Miss Mac's.  Let's just say I put this whole thing together, because Mac was completely uninterested until... She saw her choice of animals.  Then she promptly choose, "Marty" and "Melman".  Madagascar is huge in this house.  I'm kind of in love with my handy work.
Once Botanical Garden time was wrapped up (cupcakes included), we walked over to the nearby park. My mother in law came along and it was a good thing too, because I wrote a blog post via my iPhone that I emailed back to myself.  I know, I know, I was supposed to be there enjoying my children, and the weather, and the kids who kept running into me on their scooters.  I was, and I was also blogging.  I can multitask like a beast when the mood strikes.
I had settled into the idea that this was a pretty good Saturday.  I was content.  The afternoon brought lunch and a trip to Michael's and Whole Foods.  And then the afternoon brought pure bliss, in the form of Coconut Milk ICE CREAM...
Two reason why this is notable.  One, I can eat this.  Even on my continued diet of no grain/no dairy.  It has minimal cane sugar, which has been ok'd by my doc.  Can I get an AMEN?  Reason two why this is notable:  It's delicious.  Like I think I'm eating ice cream.  Editors note:  it does have a coconut flavor, but when you haven't eaten chocolate, sugar, or ice cream in over a year, this is heaven on earth.
Saturday afternoon, gave way, lazily to early evening, with dinner outside in the front yard.  I was finally enjoying the weather.  I was enjoying the company of neighbors and the hubbs.  My kids were having a blast in the grass and mud.  But I had some nagging items on my grocery list that Whole Foods just didn't cover, so I weaseled my way into a Target trip.  At 8pm, alone.  I made a pit stop.
Saturday night has never looked so good.
And finally the 10am me was smiling.
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  1. What a sweet post. I'm glad you enjoyed your Saturday. I love that Mac chose "Marty" and "Melman." Too cute.

  2. It is crazy the amount of gluten/sugar/dairy free posts I see out in cyber space these days!! I'm sorry that it's an issue for you :( Ice cream I could live without, but chocolate? You have my full sympathy! I'm glad you found some ice cream that you can eat does look delicious!

  3. Seriously, I love trip as anywhere by myself. Especially target, then I don't have to justify my needless clearance purchases, and I actually have time to look at clearance.

  4. I like this post. A lot. It sums up so many of our Saturdays. While staying in, in jammies, hanging out and relaxing sounds soooo good. It's pretty common that we end up rushing out of the house to do something, and then have a blast. And, yay for blogging while at the park! Nothing wrong with that, nothing at all. The kids were happy and playing I'm sure. That ice cream sounds delish. I just might have to grab some. And, nice job with the succulents. Cracks me up about the animals though! Happy Tuesday.

  5. It sounds like the day turned out well in the end!

  6. That ice cream sounds so good to this coconut lovin girl!!! Glad you enjoyed ure day!

  7. Love this post and so happy your day turned out good! :)