Work is fine {it's the rest that's a disaster}

If you couldn't tell, I went back to work on Monday.
It's been concluded.
I'm not working mother material.
Not.  Even.  A.  Little.
When I started writing this post on Tuesday night, I was a little delusional on the account of exhaustion.  I was also being very over dramatic.  It was whinny and extremely long.  Like a page out of my diary.  It was, in short, pathetic.
I'm just going to say that work is fine.  It's great.  I know the job.  I go to work.  Work.  Then come home.  Bonus points because as I type I get to listen to audio books on my iPod.  This week I've heard; Notorious Nineteen, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, and Where'd You Go Bernadette.  I get to talk to adults, friends I've made over the years, and low and behold I feel like a productive member of society.  I think that has to do with the fact that I'm on the road by 6:30 in the morning. 
So yes, work is fine.
Its the rest of my life that is a disaster.
The night before I had to return to work this little one started running a fever.  Which led to a child care shuffle, Dad having to work a half day at home, and me losing sleep because I needed it to all run smoothly.  It did, but I was way stressed.
Not only was Monday my first day back, it was also dance class day.  And with packing my lunch and the kiddos' lunches the night before, I forgot to pack snacks for dance.  Insert a trip to the snack bar.  Chocolate goldfish, Cheetos, and Sprite.  Yes, I was that mom.  I was also the mom yelling at her kids not to eat goldfish off the floor and to stop spilling the sprite everywhere.  Every once in a while you just have to be that mom, and own it.  Even if you embarrass yourself.
Here is what my Tuesday looked like.  With a still sick Mac, who napped until 7:40, almost 3 hours in all, and decided that 7:40 was a great time to wake up and party.  I think I finally got her back to bed at 11.  With a 5am wake up call programmed into my iPhone.  I hear that this is the life of a working mom.  I'm calling BS, and saying I want my previous job back. 
This is me on fiveish hours of sleep.  It was also taken because I was asked to do a review on the blog.  Which I hate, because I think my readers hate it.  So my apologies, but I really do like these fake glasses.  They are fun to wear in selfies.
Here is a great thing about work.  I get to dress it up a little.  Which is sad when you consider leggings, a denim shirt, a colorful scarf, and boots that aren't uggs dressing up.
The laundry has piled higher than me (I'm 5'1).  I've served chicken nuggets, peanut butter and jelly, and grilled cheese as dinner entrees this week.  I'm forgoing a shower so I can watch Scandal tonight.  And while I keep telling myself not to feel guilty about the St. Patty's day class treats that will go unmade, I can't help but feel a little tug on my heart.  I've always had a thing about doing enough, or being enough.  But really is it ever enough?
It is.  It will be.  It has to be.
One week down as a working mother.  What does that even mean? 
Have you ever met a mother that doesn't work?


  1. Showering is over-rated anyway and so is momma guilt :) You are doing so great!! I think all the above are def "acceptable" entrees. No ones going hungry right? Rock on mama!

  2. My mom had four kids and a full-time job. I have NO IDEA how she survived. No idea.

  3. I too forfeited a shower last night for extra sleep. The idea of standing was just too much for me anyway. It's casual Friday anyways and what says casual more than a little stink. Just rollin with it.

  4. I recognize those pics from IG - and I just don't know how you are doing it mama! Hope your weekend is restful and relaxing. And, I feel lucky if I shower every other day, and I'm not rushing off to work over here. You're doing great!

  5. Don't be hard too hard on yourself momma! You go on and keep being THAT mom, because it reminds the rest of us who are those types of moms {working or not} that we aren't alone! I hope the 2nd week is much smoother! Oh & your short. #justsayin lol. Love you! xoxo

  6. I admire working mothers and parents, so much! I feel like I'm too tired to do anything after work and it's just me!

  7. I don't. I had one child and worked. Several years later, I had another. I already spent an hour or two a night on homework with the first and trying to get dinner ready, clean, put him to bed, completely stressed out, when my husband said he wanted another child, I said I had to stay home. I admire the women who worked and raised their children. It's hard work, and some have to do it. I'm very thankful and blessed that I don't.

  8. You are awesome. That sounds like a crazy stressful week. But, at the end of it the kids were alive and happy right? ;) I can't imagine what hard work it must be to be a working mom! Good for you! I'm sure you'll find a new normal, hopefully soon right?