Why do we hate Anne?

It's been a full week since the Oscars and
still all I hear are complaints about Ms. Hathaway.
Why do we hate Anne so much???
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Is it her hair?
I know sometimes we don't really like women with short hair.  Not me personally, but I've had short hair a couple of times in my life, and was subjected to some dirty looks and questionable behavior.  Is it because she looks so utterly fantastic in short hair?  Or maybe because we all know she did it for Le Miz.  Who knows, but why do we hate her so much?
I heard a report from Mr. Gossip himself that she threw a diva tantrum about her co-stars Oscar dress.  That the dresses were too similar and so, she had to decide on a new dress last minute and made every one's life Miserables.  Ok, look, I'm no Academy award nominated actress, but you bet your ass if I found out one of my friends was wearing a similar dress to a fancy high profile function, I would rip some faces off.  Just think back to your high school prom... Doesn't anyone remember the Kelly Taylor/Brenda Walsh prom fiasco?  Oh, I may have just aged myself, but seriously.  This was the eve of the biggest event of Anne's acting life... Could we cut her a little slack for going full Diva on a few people?
Another report before the Oscars was that her acceptance speeches at the Golden Globes and the SAG awards were too emotional.  Too much mush, and teary love for her husband.  Seriously folks.  Too much emotion?  The gal shaved her head to play the part of her dreams.  Then she did a good enough job to be nominated.  Then she went on to win.  Beating out the likes of Sally Field.  So yeah, she cried.  Cry girl.  Let it all out.
The final straw for me has been the media frenzy about her "too rehearsed" Oscars acceptance speech.  Too rehearsed.  Like she expected to win.  Sure, she didn't cry, she didn't weep.  Isn't that what pissed everyone off about the last two award shows?  Let's say she did a little planning and practicing so that she wouldn't blubber and piss off the masses.  Only to piss them off even more.  So she said, "It finally came true".  Didn't she just win for singing her ass off, including a line, "I dreamed a dream"?  Maybe she didn't fall on her face like Jennifer Lawrence (who I LOVE by the way).  She wasn't overcome by her emotions last Sunday, she was poised and practiced, and apparently annoying and insincere.    I'm not going to lie, I've been working on an Oscars acceptance speech since I was nine and watched the show in it's entirety with my mom for the first time.  It has changed from Best Actress to Best Original Screen play.  And perhaps like Anne, I'll keep practicing it until I use it.
So what gives?  Do we want an Anne Hathaway with all the poise and grace of say Lindsey Lohan?  Would we like her better if she had a curtain of glorious locks?  Would we think she more sincere if she tripped on her fancy gowns, or called her husband an asshole at the podium?  Who knows.  Let's just remember, that poised, rehearsed, sometimes emotional woman we currently love to hate, at one time looked like this:
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Ok not really, but she played this in her humble beginnings.  And then she went on to win an Oscar.  But not before she hosted the Oscars to some pretty horrific reviews. 
This debate over Ms. Anne, may in fact be old news, but I'm still stumped.  Why do we still hate Anne?  I personally don't, I still love her movies, The Devil Wears Prada is a favorite, and I'm sure when I get to watching Les Miz, I'll think she was fantastic and Oscar worthy.  Yet, as I went to write these thoughts I googled her only to find an entire section of Huffington Post devoted to loving or hating Anne. 
Which was sad and oddly facinating at the same time.
I'm pretty sure it's her hair. You can't pull off her hair cut with out some confidence.
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Go on with your bad self, Mz. Hathaway!
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  1. I busted out laughing at the Kelly/Brenda prom reference.

    Anne is getting a lot of hate. How can we crap on her for giving speeches that were emotional? That pisses me off.

    Found you through Leeann's linkup

  2. Good question! Probably cause it's easy to hate/dislike someone who doesn't fit into the little box we want/expect them to fit into.

    I personally think she is very talented. As for her short hair, I love it, but then I'm probably bias, since I've got a mowhawk at the moment (I shaved all my hair off last September, for fun)

  3. As if I needed a reason to love you more, Megan. This post is fantastic. I hope that Anne gets a chance to read great things like this. I LOVE Hathaway and we've always been big fans in our house, ever since The Princess Diaries. She's incredibly talented, absolutely gorgeous and was SO deserving of every single one of the awards that she received. Les Mis was fabulous and her performance was seriously one of the best I've seen, ever.

    Why people choose to "hate" someone that they don't know is beyond me. I think it's sad when people tear others apart. Obviously that happens a lot with celebrities, but come on people.. they're human. At the end of the day, they take their hair down, throw sweats on and snuggle on the couch like the rest of us. They're just normal people with a job unlike most others.
    Thanks for writing this!

  4. I must be out of the loop because I didn't know that anybody was anti-Anne. I agree, though, that short haired women seem to be controversial. I cut my hair quite short last week and my Mom's response was "I'm going to spank you."

  5. I'm definitely a fan and think it's jealousy! I mean she looks good with a shaved head, who else can say that?!

  6. I like her. I think she is great. My only tiff with her would be that she shouldn't have been catwomen but that's it.

  7. I love her. My husband wants to marry her (sad news for me and her husband I guess...) I love her hair and wish I could have it. Haters gonna hate ;)

  8. I LOVE Anne and for her performance in Les Mis, she totally deserved that award!! My husband and I personally cheered when she won haha

  9. Sadly people just like to hate on people who do good for no other reason then that.

  10. I have loved Anne Hathaway and I think you can't win everybody's heart. What you can do is just do the right thing and be happy in what you do.