Wore: new glasses

Glasses are a girls best friend.
You didn't know?
I've been oddly jealous of those who wear glasses.
I wear them too, but only for blogging or reading.
I can't wear them out of the house without getting dizzy or sick.
Until Firmoo.
I know what you are thinking, shameless plug for free blogger swag.
Yes, and no.
Yes, because I did get these glasses for free.
No, because I'd totally buy real glasses from them in the future.
What do I mean by real glasses?
These my friends are fakes.
Poser glasses if you will.
And I'm not ashamed of my undying love for them.
They make me feel smart.
They, like sunglasses, take the focus off my dirty hair, or unplucked eyebrows.
They give me a little sass if you will.
Let's talk about the free pair to you for being a first time customer.
Yes, free, all you have to pay for is shipping.
Do you want a new style of your prescription glasses?
You can order them directly from Firmoo.
When you order on their website, they ask you for your prescription,
and even have diagrams to show you how to order them correctly.
It's so easy, I swear.
I'm planning on ordering another pair with my prescription!
Plus they offer free shipping with a purchase over $35 in the US.
With some pairs just around twenty bucks you could get a pair for you and a friend!
What else did I wear with my new glasses?
This is me on Saturday when I went to get my hair done.
At a salon, professionally.
Let me tell you it was bliss!
Over sized shirt, leggings, long layering tank, and my sweater.
My old lady maternity sweater, that I just can't quit.
When I wear it it feels like a hug.
So yes, shameless plug, for a product that I do actually love.
I promise.
Check out their sight and get your nerd on.


  1. You are so cute in your glasses and I LOVE that they're not prescription. Just for fun. That's rad. Like you. ;)

  2. I didn't even know about the rosegold tokyo glasses. Thanks for the heads up!

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