Turning 35 {Life Lately}

Tomorrow or today, depending on when you are reading, I'm turning 35.  This has scared me for a while since it's become obvious to me that soon I'll be 40.  But If I really slow down, really think and reflect upon 35, it feels no different than 34, or 30 for that matter.  When I really think about it, I'm still sleep deprived, still stressed about things I can't really change, plagued by chores I never really do.  

Not much has change with one exception, I'm a bit wiser.  Wiser to the fact that those stresses in my life will continue to follow me, that those chores will have to eventually get done, that I'll keep getting older and so will my kids.  Time doesn't stop, but instead of saying it's passes or it's fleeting, perhaps we should say it evolves.  Like we all do, like we all should.  In January I chose my word for 2013, it is Zest.  Tomorrow (today) I will fully accept 35 with zest, and if I'm lucky some chocolate coconut milk ice cream.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope this next year is a fantastic adventure!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I just want to tell you that the posts you have written lately are just amazing. I've been thinking a lot of the same things lately and you have no idea how much of a help you've been. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Happiest birthday, sweet friend! Love you and your heart and everything in between:)
    When I turned 35, for some reason, I felt it was like staring at a blank page in a notebook. So Full of Possibilities.
    Here's to filling those "pages" of your 35th year with all the ZEST you can muster:)
    Love you so very much...besos & hugs.

  4. Happy birthday, tomorrow! This will be a great year :)

  5. Thanks for this post! I turn 35 in November and it is bothering me so much! A lot more than 30...I think it is like you said, it is because it is so much closer to 40! Good perspective.

  6. Happy Happy Birthday! I turn 36 this year and not sure how I feel about it yet. And by the way I loved, The Fault In our Stars as well.

  7. I'll be 36 at the end of this year ~ and I'm ok with it! Truth be told, I'd much rather be 36 than 16 again!! :) Happy birthday!