I before we, except after kids

Some me time.  Like a vacation.
The balance of time.
Or perhaps the balance of me.
Does anyone else feel like they have to
cut themselves into pieces?
Like horcruxes.
A bit here, a bit there.
I'm always cutting pieces of myself to give.
But what about the piece to myself?
I feel like I give and give and give.
And some days receive nothing in return.
I'm mommy, and wife and too often forget about me.
The hubbs and I had a conversation the other day.
More of a fight really.
Because instead of just telling me he misses me,
he has to point out all the other things taking my time.
I'm always on the computer.
I'm always writing.
I'm always too tired.
I'm always too involved.
With other things.
The girls.
The blog.
My friends.
I reminded him not to take personal offense.
I don't even take real time for me.
It used to be that my selfish acts to
take time for me went unnoticed.
Until the kids came along.
Now I think it's my right to forge time for myself.
Didn't I give mind, body, and soul for those two little humans?
Don't I continually do that on a daily basis?
Shouldn't I get to be selfish once and a while?
Then I remember, there is still a WE.
The WE that still needs work.
Love, laughter, and communication.
And most of all time.
Time to be a we again.
So now I'm trying to balance my time.
Between the kids, the marriage, and the me.
Because before there was we, I was me.
And I can't forget about her.


  1. Ooh this is a tough one! I'm really bad at me time! Then again I'm pretty bad at we time too, which is not great either. Hope you can find a way to make time for everyone, including you!

  2. I'm on the same boat as you! Cheers!

    ♥ Duckie.

  3. That balance is really a tough one. I wrote about marriage & babies a couple weeks ago. It's so tough once the kids are thrown into the mix and what time you get alone could be better spent doing other things. I understand where you're coming from! It's all about priorities, I suppose.

  4. Thanks for writing this.It is how I have been feeling lately so it nice to know others struggle with the same balancing act of living life. Hope your able to find some time for yourself.

  5. This has been a continuous struggle for me as well. Sometimes "me" time is just me running to the grocery store by myself (albeit with a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha in hand ;)) or 15 minutes in the bathroom with a book, lol! ;P
    But my husband and I (and sometimes my son & I ) have the same discussions (arguments) especially about my blogging. And I get resentful b/c they spend hours playing video games which is 100% unproductive. At least my blogging is starting to bring in some income. :P
    *sigh* It is hard. I am still trying to figure out this one for myself.

  6. If ya'll figure out the secret formula send that shiz my way :)

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  7. I am living it with you! In the kitchen @ 9pm - cleaning up, finally doing dishes after putting little one to bed, DH asks how come I am not spending time with him yet, ummmm...I'm doing dishes..not anything fun or for me..ughh!
    The only time I get by myself is between 11pm-12am, it sometimes is so worth the lack of sleep. And there are times (gasp) I don't even mind folding laundry during that time because no one is tugging on my leg or throwing the folded clothes on the floor - I can get it done in about 5 minutes..now putting the clothes away..completely different story.

  8. lost that girl a long time ago. I don't know where to even look for her.

  9. It's amazing how my husband can take time for himself without any guilt. Me, I have guilt over spending a dollar on myself or taking 15 minutes to get a shower. I tell myself I could have used that dollar somewhere else or shortened that shower. I wish so badly that I could have guilt free time like my husband.

  10. oh boy...this is a tough one. Some days I feel like the only me time I get is at nine or ten at night. I stay up too late just to have a little bit of time to myself and then I am so tired in the morning. :(

  11. I've had that same debate with my husband! It's crazy how easy it is as mom to fall into the trap of giving, giving, giving all day and feeling drained from it all.

  12. such a tough situation there. i feel the same though. and, my husband gives me the same lines too. remembering the Me & the We is difficult!