Dear Glee: I have an idea

I am a tv junkie.  I love everything about the sit-com.  I adore anything and everything that is Shonda Rhimes.  And for the better part of 4 seasons I've loved Glee.  With an undying devotion.  I am the first to admit that I wasn't a GLeek from the beginning.  But my BF insisted that I would love this show, and like Twilight, True Blood, and the Hunger Games, I said ok.  She was so right.  The first episode I watched was season one at sectionals, and I was hooked.  Glee has continued to stay in my good graces... Until last Thursday night.  I know, every show has it's down time, it's one arc episode, it's "b" episode to get to "c", but Thursday really irritated me.
Let's start with the kids at McKinley high.  I'm sure like other GLeeks we welcomed new members to the glee club like Marley, Jake, and even can't dance Ryder.  Unique has had my heart since last season, but here is my problem.  Why do original Gleeks like Artie and Tina Cohen Chang get the secondary story lines?  The Marley/Jake/Ryder storyline has loads of time to develop.  Seriously they are sophomores.  Artie and Tina are seniors, and they are way more interesting.  Why don't these two get back together and give it a go again?  Why doesn't someone just find Artie a new love?  Tina Cohen Chang is way better than "hag" status to Blaine and Kurt.  She needs a love interest of her own, or a hobby, or something.  She cannot degrade herself with Vicks vapor rub downs on unknowing, sick gay men.  It's so unbecoming!  Plus Blaine is looking for someone to comfort him.  Didn't we learn of a rogue gay bar in Lima last season?  Why isn't Blaine spending his spare time over there?  Surely there are other gays in Lima that aren't Warblers or Dave Karoffsky.
I'm also completely over the Brittany/Sam romance.  Seriously?  I'm so sad that Samcedes is over.  I get it, long distance is no good for teen dramadies.  But to think that Sam went from "I am Woman" Mercedes to "I am stoopid" Brittany is ridiculous.  Seriously it's like Sam went up to Brittany and was like, "We're blond, we're stupid, let's procreate!", and for the love of Jesus please don't procreate!
Unique needs a man, or a woman, or whatever she prefer.  She's a great singer, and overall performer and what are they waiting for?  Last season's Boogies Shoes wasn't enough for me.  I think that her character is very interesting and was so sad and very disappointed that she did not play Rizzo in this season's "Glease" episode.  For reals, what is team Glee waiting for?
I'm also done with the Will and Emma story line.  I get it, she's not ready to get married, Will can be an ass, and Finn kissed Emma and all hell is breaking loose.  Look, no one really cares anymore about Will and Emma.  You know what would make me care more about Will and Emma, if Emma is crazy cakes because she is knocked up with Will's baby and now they have to work that out.  I'm sure Emma has a pamphlet for that.
What really breaks my heart is that we don't get enough Kurt and Rachel in NY.  Seriously I could watch an hour of them.  Is Brodie a drug dealer or a high class sexy escort?  Is Rachel really carrying his baby?  Is she literally following in her mother's footsteps and if so will she then sell/give the baby to Kurt and Blaine so that her legacy will also have 2 gay dads?  What's the deal? 
Then we have Kurt and Adam.  I know, I'm the first to admit that I was a Klaine shipper, but seriously Blaine cheated on Miss Hummel and that broke me.  Blaine is cute and all, but I still call BS on the cheating.  Sure they hooked up at Mr. Shue's almost wedding, but isn't that the swan song of highschool/college break ups?  I mean really.  Now Kurt has caught the eye of Adam who is British.  Which should answer all the questions for Kurt but he's still pining over Blaine.  Fine, but here is where the creators of Glee are really missing an opportunity.  Guest stars.  Adam is British, so that means let's bring in some sexy British guest starts.  Like maybe Adam's brother comes to visit and it's Hugh Grant, or my personal and all time favorite Collin Firth.  Does Adam perhaps have a sister?  A one Emma Watson?  Emily Blunt?  Could his grandma perhaps be Professor McGonagall herself, Maggie Smith?  Is his auntie Adele?  Come on Glee!  You are usually all over guest appearances, why aren't we experiencing a British invasion???
Back to Rachel and her possible illegitimate child.  It's unclear if it's Brodie's anyway.  It could quite possibly be Finn's from there hook up at the almost Shuester wedding.  It's unclear how much time has lapsed.  At any rate, it's important to discuss Rachel following her mother's footsteps.  If she is indeed preggers, are we even contemplating "taking care of it"?  With Santana in the picture I'm sure it's bound to be discussed, but with the show on Fox, and it's 9pm time slot, I'm not sure that's even on the agenda.  Will she be on Finn's doorstep to convince the old sad sack that he has fathered another child, when he really hasn't?  Or will she give the child over to Blaine and Kurt, after they have reconciled to raise a little baby bundle, bursting of musical talent and joy, in Lima, just like mommy?
Ok, fine.  This is just one fan.  Letting it all out on what I wish I would see on the next episode of Glee.  Or what my biggest pet peeves are lately.  For the first time since I started watching the show I almost changed the channel.  It was when Will showed up at Emma's sister house (who in my mind is a red headed Emma Stone).  With the glee club behind him and a boom box out of 1985, he sang "In you Eyes".  No.  No Glee, can't do it.  Because there is only one John Cusak.  ONE.  And if you want him to show up as Artie's dad, then I apologize everything I've just written.
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  1. I was a huge Glee fan after it being recommended from a friend. I was hooked and was able to watch the whole first season in one sitting (no baby nor husband at the time-sure miss those days).

  2. I love Glee, and have since the very beginning. I watch it with the hubs every week! I do agree with some of your points - especially about Artie and Tina. Last week really didn't develop much, but overall I love the music! I wonder if that's why I hang around? Because the music is my favorite part?

  3. I haven't even watched this season yet, but it's interesting to hear what's been happening. They do make a whole lot of drama out of nothing... and I'm sad that some of the original characters don't get screen time they deserve.

  4. I stopped watching about a year ago. I liked it for awhile, then it just started getting boring :( I have so many shows that I watch so I haven't really missed it.

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. Oh, AGREED! It used to be a fun teeny-bopper show centered around music and now there is so much drama and inappropriate high school behavior. :( I agree too - I love Rachel and Kurt's time in NY! :)

  6. Yes!!!! Totally agree witg everything!