I heart this {MugSwap, pinterest}

Happy Valentine's Day readers and friends!
If you haven't linked up to the Bloglovin' Hop, what are you waiting for?
If you have, can't wait to check out your bloggy.
I had some really great plans for this Valentine's Day.
A wreath, some hair bows for the girlies, fabulous homemade valentines courtesy of Pinterest.
It's not how it worked out.
Caitlin would rather have store bought Monster High and Angry Bird valentines.
I never did settle on a wreath idea I liked.
And bows, well they are the bane of my current mothering existence.
No matter.
There are tons of other fabulous things to love this Valentine's day.
Like this someecard that the hubbs is getting with some chocolate!
Pinned Image
featured in Friday Funnies / source
Or this Valentine's Day inspired outfit.
Pinned Image
Or these pink rice krispie treats with convo hearts! 
Pinned Image
But for now my favorite surprise is my new mug!
The best thing about mug swaps is making new friends!
Sarah has a great blog and she cracks me up with all her coffee drinking antics.
Plus she went the extra mile and included nail polish (awesome),
and chocolate chip Lara Bars (rad)!
Check out what I got her at the Mug Swap Linky Party.
I'm hoping she liked it!
As you can see I loved mine!
For now it's my favorite Valentine's Day surprise.
Until the Hubbs gets home and surprises me with whatever.
Is it sad that all I really want for Valentine's day is for
someone else to worry about dinner?
Oh, and a mani/pedi would be grand.
It's a day for love have a great one and love someone!!
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  1. Such a cute mug swap!! I love yours! And now I want those rice krispie treats! :)

  2. *drool* Those rice krispie treats look amazing! I totally want some! :)
    So glad we had each other for the swap!

  3. That elephant cozy is the cutest thing ever!! Did you make it??

  4. Your mug is so cute! I love the colors(:

  5. 1. I'm slightly jealous of the mug.
    2. I need to go shopping with you when you're here so that you can style me.
    3. I can't wait to see you!!!!!