Lazy Breakfast and some Paleo Goodness {Resolutions in Motion} SundayFunday

This post was supposed to be up this morning.  By like 2:30 am PST.
Oh well.
Yesterday was quite a day.
Started out lazy, yielded into a sick kiddo with a fever,
then into a last minute Target trip for a afternoon birthday party,
and finally ended with one kid at Grandma's, one at home,
and mom and dad sneaking in a movie.
So yeah, no blogging happened.
Good thing for Sunday night.
Even better are Sunday mornings.
When the family is together and gets to sleep in (hopefully).
It's a time for everyone to eat breakfast at a normal pace.
Maybe with the Sunday paper.
Maybe with an extra cup of coffee or tea.
Possibly even if you are mommy.
This weeks recipe is kind of a cheat.
I made a breakfast dish instead of a dinner dish.
I wouldn't have even thought to post it except when I posted a picture on Instagram,
 it got a lot of inquiries.  So did the Paleo recipe I'm going to share.
Both are totally appropriate for breakfast or brunch.
Or if you're like me, a mid morning or late night snack.
Let's start with Baked Oatmeal.
From Pinterest of course.  You can find the original recipe here (or the pin here).  I followed the basics.  I did switch out raspberries for frozen strawberries, because it's what I had.  I'm convinced that fresh is probably better.  I say this, but I myself didn't try it because I can't have oatmeal (wink).  I also didn't use the entire amount of chocolate chips that the recipe called for because we were almost out of chocolate chips ( I know!).  I did, as the original recipe stated use GLUTEN FREE oatmeal, and no one noticed.  Except for my mother in law who said it looked like raw hamburger and made a face.  I can't really address that entire situation here, because there are not enough hours in a day.  Let's just say, I will never please her tastes.  On the upside, my cousin Kim, her boyfriend, and my hubby all agreed that it was delish!  The kids thought it was weird, but I made them try it anyway.  When chilled and cut into bars, I'm sure they would have like it better... Also according to Anthony (my cousin's boyfriend), the bananas are what made it heavenly.  I'll just say it must have been the extra brown sugar sprinkled over the top before baking!
Now on to Paleo German Pancakes
Yes, Paleo.
If you have been reading this blog for the last year, then you may know that I'm 100% grain free.  It hasn't been as hard as I thought, and since I'm doing it for health reasons, I stick to it pretty consistently.  But every once in a while I want something cake or cookie like.  Pinterest has been a great resource for paleo and paleo food blogs.  I've found tons of recipes, including a chocolate cake that I'm thinking has to happen next month for my birthday.  But back to the pancakes!
 Find the original recipe here (or the pin here).  I'm not going to lie to you.  These are "involved".  Not hard or impossible, just involved.  I did everything according to the recipe with the exception of the coconut oil.  In place of the coconut oil I used Earth Balance Coconut Spread.  I've also used it in paleo cookies too, it's great.  I cooked these in jumbo muffin pans, and those I greased with real coconut oil.  They were delish.  And the hold up well for a couple of days.  When they were cooled I wrapped them in wax paper and put them in a zip lock bag in my fridge.  The apples get a little soggy, but to me, who hasn't eaten a "muffin" over a year... Heaven sent! 
Side note:  Earth Balance did not sponsor this post.  I'm just sharing info. 
Side note two: mine pancakes look nothing like the pinned pancakes. 
Now I'm on to my next Resolution in Motion recipe, Baked Tacos. 
Sounds interesting right?
Meet me back here next Sunday.
Or quite possibly Monday morning if Sunday's a little lazy.
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