All you need is love {LifeLately}

I find it ironic that it took something as obvious as Valentine's Day to show me that all I really need is love.  The love of my family.  The love of friends.  The love of kindergartners, who know nothing of real love, other than in it's most simplistic form.  This year there wasn't anything I wanted for happy heart day.  I wanted to be with my girls and the hubbs.  Who are more precious than diamonds, more beautiful than flowers, and who, dare I say, I love more than my iPhone.  It's true though.  Lately, all I really need, desire, and pray for is love.  Happy love.  Simply, wholly, faithfully.
I'm finding that in motherhood, and in parenthood, the days are long, the nights short, and the ability to stop time and really savor the moments are fleeting.  There will always be tomorrows, but I hesitate to plan or look too far forward.  Because when you do, you miss out on everything that is happening now.  I will always have clean laundry to put away, entertainment centers to dust, and toys to put away and reorganize.  But I won't always have babies this age.  I won't always be in this season of my life.  And I know that I won't appreciate it's challenges, misgivings, and blessings until they are just a memory.
Happy girls on Valentine's Day. 
I want them to be this happy on Valentine's Day ten years from now.
Hopefully I can find a way to always provide those kinds of smiles.
I think that's why celebrating as a family is important to me.
Because no matter who got more valentines, we will always have each other.
A somewhat staged photobomb.
It's nice to know we all smile the same.
Mouths open like deranged muppets!
My beauty with her first valentine from a boy.
So happy with her purple heart, which is her favorite color.
Which said boy knew, and picked out himself, according to his mom.
Swoon.  Times a thousand.
Caitlin ran for class president.
Our hardest lesson to date is about losing and getting only 2 votes.
Although she did vote for herself, which is something I never did.
We told her win or lose, she is still Caitlin, and still a champ.
On Friday Caitlin brought home a 2nd valentine from a boy.
This time a heart shaped box of chocolate and a teddy bear.
We've been told to get used to this.
But do you ever really get used to it?
Somewhere along the line, Mac grew up.
Maybe I blinked.
Maybe I still see her as a baby.
But this picture isn't of my baby, but of my almost 3 year old.
My heart says slow down, my eyes try not to blink,
but to stop time...
Hopelessly impossible.
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Life Lately.


  1. Such a beautiful life lately post! Tugged at my heart this morning mama :)

  2. So sweet that she got such heartfelt Valentines!

  3. Fleeting moments - a good reminder when you're in the hustle bustle of the day! We all smile with our mouths open too ;) I blame my mom.

  4. Such cute girls and all those valentines from boys!!! Too sweet =) and they only keep getting older from here! Thanks for joining and linking up!