Sometimes being a mom...

It is the hardest job that didn't require a resume, license, or interview.
It's the only job without vacation days, sick days, or mental health days.
It's the only job that pays in love, trauma, and most definitely tears.
It's the only job you'd never trade for another.
Sometimes it's bliss.
Sometimes it sucks.
Mostly it's what good living is all about.
Being a mom is awesome when your kids are getting along.
Even if it's just for a few minutes.
Case in point, just moments after this picture was uploaded to Instagram,
they fought over boundary lines of the chair.
Sister love that was short lived.
Being a mom is great when your kid will try new food.
Like Mac eating spaghetti squash.
Smiles included.
Being a mom is great when your kid falls asleep in the car.
Easy nap time.
Then again being a mom is tough when said kid wakes up when ejected from seat.
Being a mom sucks when your kid is sick.
Like a fever that won't go away.
Being a mom is great when sick kiddos color and smile anyway.
And have amazing bed head.
Being a mom, or being a parent is best when your kid makes you
answer the "remote" phone.
Because she is calling you and it's important.
Being a mom is awesome when your spouse asks your kid if she
"needs more cowbell" for her fever!
Being a mom equally sucks and is equally awesome when this happens.
Big mommy fail when mom and dad are watching a movie and not watching the kiddo.
Being a mom is more awesome when you realize one of those markers is permanent.
The same moments that test your patience are the same
moments that you will always cherish.
I think that's pretty much motherhood in a nutshell.
Sometimes being a mom is the best lesson life can give.
PS: John says that in the last picture Mac looks like a sad clown.
I laughed so hard while typing this.
I think she looks like Kiss or Alice Cooper.
We used wipes and make up remover wipes.
Finally it all came off in the bath.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhh permanent marker. that's the worst! but that bed head is amazingly awesome. :)

  2. When I saw all these pics on instagram - I was right there with you. Every single things are kids do are blessings and curses...but wouldn't change it for anything!
    Great post, as usual!

  3. I agree! Being a mom is the best life lesson! Isn't it insane that anyone can be a parent, with no training or anything? Yikes.

  4. perfect post for today, when i want to run away and never come back. i needed to remember the awesome moments.

  5. So very true...

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