Changes {Coffee Date}

Morning snuggles
I really need a coffee date today.
Things are crazy stressful right here right now.
I return to work on Monday.
Full time.
Kids at school and daycare.
Me a working mom.
I'm not a very successful working mom.
Add to that the fact that I have to prepare all my food in advance.
My diet doesn't allow anything prepackaged or quick food.
So today, in between prepping food for a HUGE Superbowl Party
I'll also be making and preparing breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for me.
Add to that a few blog posts so this blog doesn't shut itself down.
Add to that a highly anticipated visit from my cousin.
Add to that a mountain of clean laundry to put away.
And a mountain of dirty to wash.
Lots of changes around here that are making my head spin.
So you see, I really need a coffee date.
So I can procrastinate some more...
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  1. Good luck on Monday! I can't imagine working now that the baby is here...

  2. Best wishes in the new job.I'm sure once you get into the swing of things you will find your place.

  3. Good luck on the new job friend & here's to juggling it all! xoxo

  4. I go back to work on the 11th and am dreading it so much. I am not sure how well I am going to handle it . Honestly, I don't wanna go because I know it is gonna be way too much for me. Good luck to you and the laundry!