Almost Friday Letters {InstaFriday}

Dear Working Moms everywhere,
You have my up most respect and love.
Seriously I don't know how you do it.
I'm hoping I get better at both working
and being a working mom.
First day back to work.  Mac crashed at 6:40pm, Caitlin shortly after.
I can do this, right?
Dear early Furlow,
Thank you.
Working has kicked my ass.
Thanks for letting me have a couple of days to regroup!
Dear Saturday Mornings,
I'm going to have to enjoy you more.
These faces to wake me up, help a lot!
Dear Super Bowl (that wasn't so super!),
Thanks for bringing my family together in one spot.
Thanks for all the food and goodies that were made.
Thanks for one fierce Beyonce, and one hell of a half time show.
Thanks for almost granting a miracle in the 4th quarter.
Most of all, thanks for reminding us Niner fans that really NOBODY,
has it better than us!
Even if we fell a little short!

Kaep cookies by Aunt Marilyn


Who wouldn't want to take a bit outta Kaep???


Rally Toms/Almost7layerDip/Go Niners Shirt/
Hot ham and swiss sammies/bacon cheddar bread bowl
Super FOOD!

Dear San Francisco 49ers,
I still got nothing but love for you.
Because hearing my Dad cheer for you once again has
been the highlight of my days.
Because watching my Hubbs nervously pace around has been my favorite.
He hasn't done that since the World Series (GO GIANTS!)
Because watching the game with my Aunt Marilyn
and my family has been priceless.
Thank you for giving us something to cheer about.
Thank you for giving us something to cry about.
And thank you for giving us something to look forward too.
The #questforsix is not over!
Dear Mac,
Don't ever stop being you.
Keep making imaginary smoothies.
Keep rocking princess dresses.
You make my world go round.
Dear co-room Mom,
Thank you for sending me this picture!
I was sure missing this girl while I was at work.
Then I got this via text!
She got a warm fuzzy award, and I didn't have to miss a thing.
Dear Self,
Dirty hair and no make up.
Not one single eff given.
You are having a hard time adjusting to 5 am.
You can do this.
Take a few days to get yourself together.
You can do this working mom gig.
Remember Rome wasn't built in a day.
Either was motherhood.
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  1. I don't know how working (outside of the home, because at home is work too ;)) moms do it either! Love all of your pics and mac in that mermaid outfit; adorable!

  2. I have always been a working mom.So I want to give credit to all you moms who stay at home. I think I would be overwhelmed to be home all the time. I try to look at work as my break from the craziness of all the stuff that being home requires. While there are days I wish I could just be there for the Kid I am happy for the time I do get to spend with her. You will find your groove with this whole working mom thing.