Full {Life Lately}

Ice cream lunches.

When a 2 year old hands you a fake sundae, you better eat up.

First time hula hooping.  She did excellent.

Cousins make the best bunnies.  

Life lately has been full.  I don't want to say busy, or messy, or stressed, because while it has been all of those and more, to be honest it's been full.  Filled to the gills with love, overflowing with fun and laughter, packed with blessings.  I didn't want to sit down and write about how exhausted I am after spring break.  I didn't want to talk about being so busy and the need to slow down.  I wanted to talk about the amazing ability to jam pack a full life with more life.

I didn't write for a few days.  It was good for me.  I spent a lot of time on last weeks "big" post, and I was overwhelmed by the response.  Thank you for all of your kind words, your own stories, and of course your continued support of my writing.  When I started this two years ago, I would have never imagined the support system I'd get in return.  I read every comment, and while it may take me a month to respond, I will respond.  I just wanted you all to know that.  

Yesterday, without a post up, I thought about the desire to be a better blogger.  The one who keeps to a schedule.  In the past I have tried.  Been devastated by not having a post go "live" by 8 am EST.  I had to give that up.  Not only was I driving myself crazy, but I was missing out on a lot of my life.  If I would have put the breaks on my life yesterday, to put up this post I would have missed out on two lovable fashionistas.   I would have missed out on some serious play-doh cookies.  I would have missed out on reading almost half of a lovely book.  Missed the first viewing of Beauty and the Beast by my two beauties.  I would have also missed out on laughing hysterically with my hubby in bed while we browsed Pinterest together on the iPad.  The couple that laughs together, stays together.  Or something like that.

Cutest photo bomber.

Working on three, since we will be three soon!

Time to find eggs.

Daddy running with the kite, flipping mommy the bird.
I didn't realize he was doing this until I went to post the picture.
And then I got the giggles.

Caitlin bunny.
I thought it was a little freaky, but she thought it was cool.

I have been lucky that life lately has been so full.  That we as a family have been so full.  That I, as a mom, as a woman, as a human, have been so full.  It's always easy to point out the mess, the stress, and the busy.  I've been all of those and more.  Yet today, none of those bother me, because just for today I am full.

Parts of this post was inspired by Chelsea.
Check her out at Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles.

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  1. I love the photos! You sound happy :)

  2. I am so glad your life has been full + your embracing the fullness!

  3. A full life is so much better than an empty life!
    Love the pictures

  4. Love love this. seriously. I love how you can take busy and stressed and just turn it into full. and btw, youre hubs flipping you off....classic!