Today {coffee date}

Today is one of those days.

Today is one of those days that I really want a tea from Starbucks.  Like in the old days.  Where the first drink reassured me that everything was going to be ok.  That I was going to make it through the day.  That no task was too big, that no cry too loud, that no cloud could darken the day.  Those were the old days.  Today, I'll have to take water, or Izze soda.

Today is a day that clean hair will get wasted on yoga pants and flip flops.  Hair that will go otherwise unnoticed to everyone but me.  That clean hair is about all the beauty routine I have in me today.

Today is a day that I just want to read books.  New books, fresh, with spines ready to crack.  Old books, bought at a used book store that smell of history and love.  Books, filled with words, and worlds, and love and loss.  A day to lose myself in one of my biggest addictions, words.

Today is a day that powdered donuts make perfectly imperfect breakfast for a two year old.  A day where the box sits lazily on the counter, and while mommy blogs, does dishes or eats breakfast, my little one can grab one or two to her hearts delight.  Tomorrow is a day to be more nutritious.

Today is a day where a cross town trip to by the latest issue of The New Yorker doesn't seem crazy.  It seems practical.  It seems like a perfectly good excuse for a mini road trip alone, with the windows down and Mumford blasting.  It's sounding better and better every second.

Today is a day where I'm sure I will lose my temper, once, maybe twice, about something very simple.  Something very meaningless, something that should not even make me lose my temper.  But I can feel it.  Like a whisper, that today is a day for tantrums of all shapes and sizes.

Today is a day that I will try and embrace.  No matter that my dryer is broken.  No matter that I'm sleep deprived.  No matter that my house looks like we moved out, weeks ago, and could care less about a cleaning deposit.  A day where cooking any meal seems daunting.  A day when I look out the window and really think that we should go to the park, and then like usual don't.

Today is a day for anything.  Curve balls.  Impromptu visits.  Target trips with no list.  Starbucks orders that make no sense.  Frozen yogurt for breakfast.  Today is a day, where it feels like a dream, and reality, and someone elses life all at the same time.

Today is a day that's full of promise and possibility.  And it's all mine to have.

It's all yours to have too.

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  1. You made me giggle. Hope it's a good day. :)

  2. We all have days where chocolate eggs are part of a balanced breakfast for a toddler. It's just one of those days.

  3. It's just one of those days that it is 5:00 and I put on my pajamas.

  4. Some days just feel like that. Today's day was supposed to start out with Zumba (which, for the record, I have yet to do. It scares me.) but then I ended up being up til like 5 am editing pictures and zumba so did not happen. and I'm ok with that. I got an incredible thing of lemon and orange dessert bites from Costco which is now going to make me need zumba all the MORE but whatever. they area amazing. Some days are just whatever.

  5. A great post. I completely relate to everything you mentioned. Some days the simplest tasks can be the hardest to complete. On those days, there is nothing like an escape, especially an escape into a great book. Sinking into the pages of a fantasy world is the best way to deal with reality sometimes!