Missing in action {InstaFriday}

Last weekend I was part of the Instagram outage.  I've got to confess I freaked a little.  We were out and about as a family on a Sunday.  That's kind of rare in this family considering most Sundays we are in our pjs all day.  I was so sad that I couldn't post any pictures, but I kept trying.  And trying.  And trying.  So in the end, I still got some pretty fabulous pictures, of a perfectly imperfect Sunday.

We went to Big Hat Days here in Clovis.  It's to mark the beginning of rodeo season.  You can't go to Big Hat Days and not buy a big hat.  Obviously.  

The weather was beautiful, in fact it was perfect for some Hawaiian Shaved Ice.  Here is Mac savoring every single bite.  While she watches Daddy buy the hot dog she's been asking for.

More icee love.  In the shade, enjoying the breeze.  What is it about an outdoor festival that makes spending $6 on shaved ice seem reasonable?  For these faces, I'm sure we'd have paid anything.

This is a girl and her duck.  That walks.  She got lots of looks and smiles as she walked her duck to the car.  Sure it made the walk that much longer, but really, where did we have to go?  It was turning out to be one of those lazy Sundays.

These are my missing in action shots, from a day where I felt I was missing in action online.  Only to find out that I was totally present and in the moment offline.  Sometimes being shut out of your favorite app is a blessing in disguise.  Guess the universe was trying to tell me something.

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