Hello Monday {sarcastically}

Hello 5:15 am.  Which should have really been 5 am but I hit the snooze.  Do you realize how hard it is for me to get up, 5:15?  Even the sun is still asleep.

Hello overgrown eyebrows and puffy bags.  Yeah I see you.  I'm ignoring you, so why can't you ignore me.  I know I know, I should have gone to bed, and not stayed up on Pinterest and watching MadMen.  But I can't say no to Don Draper.  Who can?

Hello new maxi skirt that I didn't get a chance to take a picture of. Now the world of Instagram has no idea just how wonderful you are.

Hello keys.  Where the hell are you?  Like seriously.  Where are you?  Because now it's 6:55, and I normally leave the house at 6:40, and while I will still make it to work on time, I'm totally thrown.  Where are you?

Dear Darling Daughter, thank you from the bottom of my rushed and over reactive mommy heart.  Thank you for hiding my keys under your pillow so they would be safe.  I had a feeling I left them in your room, but I had no idea where.  Thank you finding them and hiding them under your pillow.  In the future, could you just bring them to mommy so she can keep them in her purse for safe keeping.

Dear radio on the drive to work.  You have helped turn around my day.  First Nysnc.  Then Weezer (Say it ain't so, of all songs), and finally Red Hot Chili Peppers.  It's put the lost keys, the 5:15 call time, and the fact that it's Monday into perspective.

Dear Work... No, just no.  Thank God, for the friends that sit near me.  That keep me sane, and keep me laughing when you all together SUCK.

Dear 4pm.  Thank you for coming, but alas your joy is short lived.  It's off to ballet.  Then home to throw dinner together, then homework... Hey this sounds familiar.  Like a job...

Dear ramen, grilled cheese, and pre sliced fruit that is expensive but worth it.  Dinner is served.  Thanks for the solid.

Dear Husband.  Thank you for doing the dishes and vacuuming the kitchen (Swiffer Vac yo!), and the living room.  Thank you for doing the job I hate the most.  

Hello coconut milk ice cream.  I know you are in there.  I'll meet you on the couch in one hour.  

Dear Monday.  Here we are at 7:01 in the evening.  I can't say I'm sad to see you go.  But really as far as Monday's go, you weren't so bad.  Can you give Tuesday a message for me?  
For the love of all things holy, be easy on me.

I'm sure this post isn't what Lisa Leonard had in mind.  
But I'm going to link up with her today anyway.  
So go over there and read some real Hello Monday posts 
that aren't so sarcastic.  
And most likely have great pictures.


  1. Love this. So fun to find your blog!! Here's to a fabulous Tuesday!!!

  2. Lol dude. SOOO our Monday too (well kindof different too but it.sucked.) Glad to be able to laugh at a sucky Monday withsomeone else! ha!

  3. Loved this Meg! Totally YOU and totally funny!! Cheers to Tuesday friend!

  4. LOL very funny! Hope Tuesday is better!